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Many indigenous cultures have been, and remain, close to nature.  Devoid of books and depending on oral traditions, parents and elders taught hunting and life rules through observing the ways and wisdom of birds and animals.

The ghosts of ancestors and totem animals ruled the spirit world.  Animals were said to guide and advise humans.  Amongst the powerful animals were the eagle, hawk, bear, moose and fish life.  Tales of how the earth was born, myths of

The creation of humans, birds and animals were handed down from generation to generation.  Children were given moral lessons by examples of how an evil animal or human caused grief and death to tribal members.

World religions have spirits and a sense of paradise after death.  The dove in Christianity signifies the presence of the Holy Spirit or third person of the Trinity.

        MAJOR religionsth-12

th-16  have guardian angels or spirit guides who assist humans walk the earth and often save them from imminent danger. Books, such as Aesop’s’ Fables have involved birds and animals.  Certain cultures, my Irish background, tell tales of the Banshee coming to warn of pending death. I believe that people who are open to the ‘other world’ may, or may not, have encounters with spirits in the form of animal guides.

Animal Spirit Guide Arrives for Paula

th-19When my mother died, my partner, Trish and I visited Algonquin Park, a very large park about three hours north of Toronto.  The Algonquin are a native tribe of Canada.  We were walking and both of us grieving for Josephine.  Suddenly, we became aware of a fox following us.  It was a joyful experience to see such a beautiful animal.  The next day, Trish and I were doing outdoor work and a boat stopped near our dock.  “Hey, Trish, “ said the visitors, “Do you know you have a fox on your property.”  Now, it should be noted that neither of us had seen a fox for years on or around our property.  On my first return back to work, I was driving home, tears rolling down my cheeks, when a fox appeared at the side of the road.

It looked at me for some time and then jumped into the woods.  Trish said, “I think that’s your mom and she’s telling you she is free!”  I looked up a book on animal spirits and read that the fox was “the keeper of the family.”

 Animal Spirit Guide Arrives for Trishth-20

Trish, whose mother is also dead, decided that her mother would come back as a gentle dove.  This is where the fun began.  We were headed for a teacher exchange in Australia and within weeks we landed in England.  We decided to visit an English village where I had spent some years as a child.  We took a hotel and had a meal in a pub called “The Flying Fox.”  It was around Christmas and the board outside read, “Have a safe Trip.” (It was days before we flew out to Australia).  The next morning we passed another pub, “The White Dove.”

 Fox and Dove play in Australia:  We lived in Australia for one year and the Fox and the Dove travelled with us.   We would drive and pass “Fox Lane,” and then within the hour would be a shop called “Dove Crafts.”  If they did not appear in physical locations, they would turn up in framed pictures or on t-shirts.  We said ‘goodbye’ to Australia and landed in the Los Angeles airport at 5 am. Through sleep eyes and yawning, I spoke to Trish.  “Look to your right, Trish, there is a white bus with a dove at the end of the rainbow.”

Trish beamed and pointed behind me.  “What about that?” she said.  I turned to see tourists boarding a bus that had “Red Fox Tours” painted on its side.  This was December and we were headed towards Ontario and Christmas at our home.

 Snowfall, Christmas, Canada:  On Christmas Eve, a fox was at our back door. th-18 We gave it some food.  Blizzard conditions were outside and the snow was piled high.  The next spring the vixen brought her kits to our home.

Our Wedding Day in July: Guests coming and going sent the doves into the trees.  There was no sign of a fox.  Towards night, when only family remained, the fox came around the deck and just stood looking at us all.

Now, Years Later:  The foxes have moved to new locations, but they still come back in fthe form of gifts or t-shirts.  The doves are more prevalent.  Our spirit guides are still with us, not as physically visible, they come up in our memories and conversations.  I hope you enjoyed this blog.                                                                     


P.S.  If a particular animal or bird has “entered” your life.  There are many websites to investigate their meanings.

Here are the reference to Trish’s Spirit Dove       As spirit guides go, you will not find one as gentle and as nurturing as the dove.  It will guide with a mothering nudge brining peacefulness and tranquility.  It is hard to argue with someone who has dove tranquility.  Doves often bring messages to help the self and others. The dove spirit helps a person to be open with a purity of purpose and intent.

Paula’s Fox: meanings/messages.  it represents cunning, slyness, stealth, observation and wisdom.  Chinese, Egyptian, Inca and North American Indians all either revered the fox as a messenger of the gods or gave it healing powers. The fox has a great sense of smell.  If it comes to a person as a spirit animal it will help that person discern subtle problems and help them to harmonize with nature around them.  The fox blends in well, and observes situations, a good lesson for most people. The fox has honed its listening and mental skills and acts with agility and in safe surrounding.

Trish and  I are trying to honour our spirit guides.



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