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The Police Force Began in London, England

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It seems that Scotland had a professional police force in 1800 located in Glasgow.  It did not seem to operate in other Scottish.

Sir Robert Peel (5 February 1788 – 2 July 1850

In 1829, crime in the big city of London resulted in a politician called Robert Peel introducing “The Metropolitan Police Act of 1829.  Mr. Peel had the rank of Home Secretary and was in charge of law and order under the Prime Minister.  At first, people distrusted the police men (no women, yet).

The “Peelers” or “Bobbies.”
It is easy to see how the policemen were called “Peelers” (after Mr. Peel) but how did the get the name “Bobbies?”  Well, Mr. Peel’s first name was Robert, or Bobbie or Bob.  There were 144 constables (British police are often referred to today by this old name).  Their headquarters was Scotland Yard.

James Bond, (007) was a fictional character written by James Flemming.

This is still the headquarters of MI5, MI6 – special detective branches similar to the FBI.  MI5 – Domestic intelligence (within the British Isles) and  MI6 – foreign intelligence. Interestingly, that makes the famous James Bond (007)  a member of MI6.

The Uniform of London “Bobbies.”

The ‘Peelers’ wore a long blue coats. Their tall hats were tough so that they could stand on them – to peep into windows or over walls.  The strong hats saved brain damage if a criminal hit a ‘Peeler’ over the head.  This police force did not carry guns.

They carried a strong wooden stick called a truncheon.  If a police man was attacked, he could raise an alarm by shaking a rattle.

(No telephones or iphones).  Here is a picture of a Sergeant Mansbridge in 1864 he worked in the town of Sussex – not too far from London.

Sergeant Mansbridge 1864

Success Leads to a Nation-Wide Police Force

It took some time, but soon “Peelers” or the police were in other cities and towns throughout England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales.

This was the hard hat of modern “Bobbies” found mostly in London

Nearly every country in the world has a police force. Here are different uniforms of today’s London police officers – men and women.

Modern uniform of London police. Notice some of the men wear the older hat
Some London police wear the modern hat                         

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