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TEXAS:   Take Your Books and Gun To Campus


In 1975 Texas allowed students to carry loaded guns (concealed, of course) into classes, cafeterias and places where alcohol is served.

These Republican law makers believe in the second part of the American Constitution – “the right to bear arms.” However, it was written in the 1800s when there were no army assault rifles available to citizens, and no examples of mass shootings.


The College Kids are Smart, Right?

“College kids are smart, right, or they would not be going to university?”

This is the thoughts of the Texas legislature. College girls should carry gungs to protect themselves from rape!   This is another reason to carry guns according to these same lawmakers.


Kids May Have High I.Q’s But…..

While college kids may have high IQs, this is just part of brain development. Most scientists state that it takes the decision making part of the brain a lot later to develop – somewhere in the late 20s.

This accounts for bright, high level IQ students that make the decision to drink and drive, use dangerous drugs and rape young female students while intoxicated.   Many of these males use the excuse that the woman gave consent – yet, the aftermath of medical examinations state that many women endured vicious rape.


Sane Students of Both Sexes Fight Back


It takes four fours to get a concealed firearms license in Texas.


The student movement’s banner is “Cocks Not Glocks.” (A glock is a firearm). The students held up penises, which are illegal to display in Texas, to emphasize the insane gun law.



Jennifer McKay, a senior majoring in history, said she is “very uncomfortable” about the new law. “I think that having guns in classrooms is absurd and this protest is equally absurd and we may as well be sex-positive while making a political statement,” she said.


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Someone who does is Jason Buckelew, a 36-year-old who was one of several gun rights advocates mingling with the protesters. He wore a black T-shirt with the slogan “Welcome to Texas. Notice: this is not a gun-free zone.” The bulges in the pockets on the right side of his camo shorts were made by a Glock and a Ruger LCP pocket pistol.

“Waving a dildo around is very immature.”

Men like Buckelew state that if a person is uncomfortable with students with guns, then they should look away.   The interviewer asked why doesn’t Jim, who is uncomfortable with waving penises, also look away!

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