Sep 032013



The hanging notice is clear. The word =United Belize Advocacy Movement -or UNIBAM

Caleb Orozco of the The United Belize Advocacy Movement (UNIBAM) pursued a constitutional challenge of the country’s Section 53 anti-sodomy law.  The response for the right to have sex and to love the person you are with was challenged by many Church leaders amongst them another American Evangelical spreading the Gospel of Hate.

Pastor Scott Stirm,  a Texas evangelical missionary, is the country’s most outspoken opponent of LGBT rights. Speaking at a rally Tuesday, he had this to say about the supposed message of their actions:

“Maybe people misunderstand or they’re seeing things through different filters or whatever. But all I’m saying is that this is a positive, proactive demonstration of people and of values and what the people of Belize want. We’ve been saying this for the last couple years. The overwhelming majority of people in Belize don’t want the homosexual agenda to be legitimized in our nation. It’s not about hate; it’s not about disenfranchising anybody. It’s all about guarding family values, about guarding morality and about guarding the values of our constitution.”

Paula comments:  Once again Scott Stirm lies and spreads the myth that gays have NO VALUES.

Well, the values of love, peace, tolerance, respect are missing from the Pastor’s values!

Watch out Pastor Scott Stirm, the court of Massachusettes is ruling on bringing another hate-mongering Pastor – Scott Lively to justice.  He is charged with crimes against humanity.   Your turn next, Stirm!


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