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Posted on the 4th of July!

220px-Annise_ParkerAnnise is Houston’s second female mayor, and one of the first openly gay mayors of a major United States city.  Here is some background information on her.  She was born in 1956, which makes her 57 years old in 2013.  She was born in Houston and that would give her many insights into the city.

Annise has been with her domestic partner, Kathy Hubbord, since 1990.  They have two adopted daughters (Daniela and Marquitta) and one foster son (Jovon).

Annise has always been a gay activist an LGBT activist and was one of the founding memebers of Rice University’s gay alliance.

Parker was elected mayor On December 12, 2009, and assumed office on January 2, 2010. Houston became the largest U.S city ever to have an openly gay individual serve as mayor. After the election, Parker declared that the top priorities of her administration will be improving transportation, balancing the city’s budget, and selecting a new police chief.


In the 2011 election, Parker won a second term as Houston’s Mayor, by defeating Fernando Herrera, Jack O’Connor, Dave Wilson, Kevin Simms, and Amanda Ulman, without a runoff.

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