Mar 222013
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Well done, Tammy!

History was made in the state of Wisconsin when Democratic Tammy Baldwin was elected as the first openly gay senator.  She defeated a former governor, Tommy Thompson.  In U.S politics a governor does exactly that, governs a state, so she took on a significant opponent with power and money.

Her opponents in the Republican Party and various religious denominations painted her as a radical lesbian, but for Wisconsin citizens it appears that sexual orientation was not a major issue.  She ran on a platform of tackling increased child abuse and family violence as well as other social problems.


For readers not aware of American politics, being elected to the top governing body is quite an accomplishment.  In 1998 she was the first openly gay women to be elected to the lower house, the U.S. House of Representatives.  Now as a member of the  Senate her job will involve voting on: treaties, confirming appointments of federal judges, military leaders and voting on budgets, bills and other items that determine important issues for the nation.  Senators are eagerly courted by big business and special interest groups.   This is a high profile position and Tammy has been a gay rights activist and a social conscience from the day she entered politics.


Well done, Tammy

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