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          Relook at your Eating Habitsunknown-1

Explore the saying, “You are what you eat!”  While you may not be obese, everyone needs to eat healthy balanced meals.  Write down the number of junk foods and drinks you consume.  Avoid emotional eating and diets. Prepare food in advance.  Try writing down your calorie intake for at least three days.  Being aware is important.

  Get in Shape – Easy Steps if you are not exercising.

This is one of the most broken resolutions.  Probably because people plunge into it, get exhausted or frustrated and don’t stick to it.  To succeed, just exercise a few times a week.   Don’t overdo it.  The trick is to enjoy getting into shape.unknown-2

  • Stop Procrastinating:
  • Plan ahead and set achievable goals. If you  procrastinate, you may wish to get some help on-line or read some helpful books.  Be more organized
  • Live a Balanced Life
  • Make sure to have a life outside of work.  Balance active activities with quieter time.  Have a social life, but also have time for yourself.  Get enough sleep.  Avoid too much television and computer/game use.

Value Old Friends, but Make New People


Don’t get stuck in a rut.  Balance time out and time at home.  Try new activities where you can meet interesting people to increase your knowledge or skills.

            Think of Ways to Grow

Our minds and hearts need to be engaged and stretched.  Growth can come in many ways – studying and growing spiritually.  Explore new areas: meditation, languages, cooking, music, theatre, dance.  Learn to ski, skate, sky-dive, scuba-dive, etc.  Be with people who support you and wish you happiness.

Take Rational Chances

Step out of your comfort zone with confidence.  If changing something in your life such as a career – write down the pros and cons before committing to action.  Don’t make hasty decisions.  Have confidence in your final decision and always have a back-up plan.  Take a chance on love.

Reduce Stressunknown-6 images-2

  • Medical research shows that ‘stress can be a killer.’  The definition of stress is the inability to deal with a situation at home, at work or in a personal relationship.  It is a feeling of being trapped or loosing yourself without being able to cope.

Employ Attitude and Gratitude

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Have a positive attitude or work towards getting one.  While everyone has problems, some people are so negative that people avoid them.  Start by being grateful for the following: eye- sight, hearing, walking, talking and being healthy.  Be grateful for having a shelter, food and being free from war and violence.  Learn to be happy with  your life, but also have the courage to change the parts that you do not like.  Give to charity and save some money.