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A Swiss Roman Catholic priest decided to act like Jesus.  He gave his blessing to a lesbian couple.  Now, blessings by priests can be given to animals.  Many countries have a ‘bring your pet to church for a blessing’ day.  This is in the footsteps of St. Francis of Assisi who loved animals.  But, despite this priest’s boss – Pope Francis – who said, “Who am I to judge?” There are many bishops quite ready to judge.  A simple blessing has cost a Swiss priest  banishment.  He now will be sent from his loving parish (well, most of them) to ‘God’s know where!”

Wendelin Bucheli, a priest in the municipality of Bürglen in the west of Switzerland, gave his blessings to a lesbian couple in October 2014 after discussing it with other members of the clergy.

However, his bishop has disagreed.  Perhaps, this bishop has his eyes on becoming a Cardinal and thereby within reach of becoming Pope.  Who knows?  The picture is of Fr. Bucheli, his warm smile reveals his loving soul.

The Bishop is named after St. Vitus

St, Vitus was a Sicilian Christian who was persecuted and executed, hence being a martyr.  It happened  in 310 AD. Now, this 21st century bishop is persecuting Christians who believe they are actually loving and non-discriminating (Christ-like)

The bishop (or anyone who climbs the ranks of power) is aware of how to stretch the truth in the media.  He has stated that the priest’s action is responsible for  ‘angering many believers’, and is planning on punishing him by removing him from the village.  The bishop does not say how many are angered, but let me tell you there are many who support this brave priest.

Vitus Huonder, bishop of the diocese of Chur where Bucheli currently works, did not agree with the priest’s actions.

He spoke to the priest and the bishop of Bucheli’s home diocese of Lausanne, Huonder said they want the pro-gay religious leader gone by summer at the latest and returned to his former pasture.

Huonder’s spokesman Guiseppe Gracia told the Urner Wochenblatt: ‘His actions created attention, even across state borders, and angered many believers.’

He claimed Bucheli’s actions could have ‘clouded the church’s teachings on marriage and family.’

‘He has to stand up for his actions, he cannot just accept such a vexation, because of all the people adhering to the catholic belief,’ Gracia said.

‘Priest Bucheli knowingly went against the church’s principle.’

Bucheli’s congregation are supporting him and are fighting his forced relocation.

‘There was no considerable difference between this blessing and a wedding ceremony,’ the priest told Swiss newspaper Urner Wochenblatt, speaking about the occasion last October.

Bucheli said he carefully considered his options before discussing the matter with a Jesuit priest.

His main question was: ‘Can I give this blessing in the name of God and would it be his will?’, to which, so Bucheli, the answer was yes.

‘These days people give blessings to animals, cars and even weapons,’ he said, ‘why shouldn’t you give your blessing to a couple deciding to walk through life with God by their side?’

Not From the Heart but From a Piece of Paper

The Swiss Conference of Bishops’ stance on homosexuality and same-sex marriage is laid out in a document, published in 2002, discussing who can be blessed and noting ‘God does not favor every one of man’s actions.’

The document reads: ‘The bishops are convinced that homosexual people can be given such blessings’ – but this does not extend to same-sex couples wanting a blessing for their relationship.

The majority of Bürglen’s residents are not happy with their priest’s forced relocation and are hoping that talks will convince the bishops to let Bucheli stay in the village.

Bucheli did not give a statement.

paula’s comments.

 How many believers were angered?  How many believers needed counselling or psychiatric help?  How many left the Church? “Angering many believers”….perhaps, ten at most. What about the millions who, upon reading about it, stand up and cheer? Is the Vatican not aware that homosexuals are the sons,daughters, nieces, nephews, grandchildren and friends of many Roman Catholic worshippers. My cousin goes regularly to Mass and had a priest who was constantly preaching sermons against homosexuals. I asked why she did not speak out…? What is the point? she replied.

We have to speak out! We have to walk out during a sermon! We have to make a stand!

There should be a world-wide “Support Homosexuals Day.” Everyone enters their church wearing a rainbow article. This would be similar to the King of Denmark wearing a yellow star when the Nazis commanded Jews to wear them. We have to be in solidarity with persecuted minorities.

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