Apr 162015

Patricia Velasquez reveals the intimate truth about her relationship with Sarah Bernhard in her new memoir Straight Walk.

“The world’s first Latina supermodel” Patricia Velasquez wants to set the record straight – or rather, set the record ‘gay.’
In her new memoir Straight Walk, Valasquez reveals many details about herself: how she starred as Marina’s alter ego “Karina” on the L Word, her early years in Venezuela and life on the beauty circuit.  For lesbians, her relationship with comedian Sandra Bernhard is very interesting.  Their relationship resulted in Velasquez finally coming out to her parents and the public.
Early Career:
Velasquez thanks a local hairdresser for discovering and promoting her as a teenager.  In 1989 she was a competitor in the Miss Venezuela Pageant.  According to her memoir, this move came with a heavy price. Like many models there was drastic dieting and cosmetic surgery.  She admits that she slept with a man who paid for her expenses.

 She placed second in the pageant and her modeling career took off with stints in Sport’s Illustrated Swimsuit Issue, Victoria’s Secret, and even an acting turn in The Mummy franchise.

Falling in Love with Sandra

Velasquez met Sandra Bernhard backstage at a fashion show, and the two connected immediately. “I’d never kissed a girl,” Velasquez details in her memoir, but after hooking up with Bernhard, everything changed. Despite trying to sleep with men again, Velasquez soon found herself exclusively dating Bernhard. She writes, “I was deeply in love with Sandra…in a way I’d never experienced before.”

Berhard’s Circle of Friends & Family

Sandra introduced Velasquez to the designer Isaac Mazrahi of New York.  She also met Sarah’s friends that included Madonna, Ingrid Casares and Chris Paciello.  Velasquez came out to her family who were and are supportive.  She also believes it is important to embrace her sexuality in the world of fashion and in the public arena.  Combatting prejudice in South America and the Latin community in general is a challenge.  Valasquez is courageous and states, “I want to at least start a dialogue. The tide is changing.”

Good luck, Valasquez.  Your beauty, personality and truth are commendable.   paula


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