Feb 082016

You may want to shake your head as you read incredible and strange facts.

Nathan Bedford Forrest

Nathan Bedford Forrest

  1. In 2014, Nathan Bedford Forrest High School, Florida, was renamed as Westside H.S.  Mr. Forrest was a Grand Wizard of the KKK; the school’s population has a majority of Afro-Americans!
  2. Rats are the largest single mammal due to their sexual ways – Rats have sex with parents and siblings – hence, the number of offsprings.
  3. imagesWorried about the cleanliness of public toilets?  If so, choose the one closest to the door.  The ‘experts’ note that middle toilets are the most unclean.
  4. King Farouk, Egyptian King who died in 1952 had recurring nightmares of lions attacking him.  His solution was to have all the lions in the Cairo zoo shot!
  5. Don’t be absent-minded or have a dirty habit – In Singapore, a person can be fined up to $150 for failing to flush a toilet.
  6. Comet Power!

    Comet Power!

    Look to the Heaven’s for help, particularly when you know that a rogue comet, travelling through space at almost 100,000 miles (one hundred thousand) miles per hour, could be accelerated by the gravitational pull of the earth’s gravity.  It’s impact could wipe out the human race!

  7. Want to climb the world’s highest unclimbed mountain at 24,836 ft, then visit Bhutan and negotiate?
  8. Pentagon


    The Pentagon has too many bathrooms!  It was built during segregation when there had to be separate bathrooms for whites and blacks.

  9. Cat meat is a delicacy in parts of Asia and Africa.
  10. Watch for Falling Cows – a couple driving their mini van in Washington State narrowly escaped injury.  It was 2007 and a six hundred pound cow (600 lbs) fell off a 200 ft cliff and damaged the van.  Not sure of the cow’s fate, but she should have known how high the STEAKS were!

Enjoy life. Paula.

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