May 052016

happyPaula here.    Little miracles happen out of the blue.   I am referring to a comment on my site that asked about a Forum for Lesbians.  I liked the idea.   I spent several hours looking at U tube videos learning how to format a forum.   I had never entertained the idea before.  I really like forums were people can introduce new topics or respond to those that are active.   In fact, I have often gone to lesbian forums for this very idea.

So if you are reading this blog (which you have to be) LOL.   Please pass on the notice of this site with a new forum addition.


Forums are important for sharing experiences and ideas.   Often, they are the source of information for women trying to understand sexual orientation.  Many lesbians who are persecuted in homophobic countries also use forums to express their difficult lives.  We can be instruments of help to our lesbian sisters world-wide.


I need this forum to find out what is missing from this site.  I am always open to new ideas.  Being open, not gullible, allows each of us to grow.

Best wishes to you all,


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