Feb 072017

Paula here.    I am giving this advice to myself – if you can benefit from it, that’s great!

Be Still:

I know that sailors come to a harbour before, during and after storms.  They put down anchor.  Everyone at some time or other needs to find a harbour – your harbour may be nature, time with God, time with your family – by yourself – with a loved one.  I have found these quotes.




Meditation: Not Always the Cross-Leg Kind

Going within/looking within/meditation is whatever way you can reach some kind of calmness – breathing, walking, eyes shut, etc.  If you can’t reach what you consider to be ‘absolute calmness,’ don’t worry, just become calmer than you were five minutes ago.  LOL.

You can do it really quickly, right now- what are you thinking about? Now, let go of being involved in that thought. Let something else come in. What is it now? This is looking within.

Asking the Question:  How Am I?

Are you still you- if

a) your hair is taken away ?   b) if your job is gone?   c) if you are part of a failed relationship?   d) if you won the lottery?

Your mind is full of thoughts, but don’t let them control you!  We live in a world of media propaganda that makes us doubt our worth – or makes us constantly seek pleasure in things.  

Don’t sweat, worry or be anxious.  You cannot add an extra day to your life span (and you may in fact shorten it).

What Do You Need to be Happy, Successful?

Try and not make a long list of material things.  Consumer items become obsolete very quickly.  For me,








  I am working on memories of kindness:  the kindness shown to me – and- the kindness I gave to others.

Going Within:

I am sure that for every negative thought, we could cancel it with positive thoughts for the blessings we have.

I am working on constantly reminding myself to be grateful (sight, hearing, walking, food, clothing, shelter – war free).


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