Apr 182015
The happily married  O'Sullivans

The happily married O’Sullivans


Stewart Jackson was one of 175 MPs who voted against same-sex marriage in 2013, describing it as a ‘disastrous self-inflicted debacle’ and a ‘constitutional outrage’. He also accused Prime Minister David Cameron of being ‘arrogant’ for giving it legal recognition.   Being a homophobe has its backlashes – there is the not-needed publicity that the LGBT community generates.  Two lesbians decided to voice their opposition to the discrimination of Jackson on their human rights.  His negative and childish response to their letter is self-evident.  Then, there is the fact that this ‘moral’ MP is now being sued for controversial government expenses.

Stewart Jackson’s Campaign Letter

Laura O’Sullivan, had received a campaign letter using her maiden name Laura Hawes – the name she used before she married her girlfriend.  Remember that a general election is coming up.

Laura emailed him:

‘Dear Stewart Jackson,

‘You sent me a letter, I wish to inform you that it was sent to the wrong name, Hawes is my maiden name. As of last October I am happy to say I am married, And have therefore changed my surname to O’Sullivan.

‘And as my Wife and I enjoying our rights to an equal marriage, something that you did not support we will not, in no un certain terms, be voting for you.

‘Please never write to me again.

‘Mrs Laura O’sullivan’

Jackson’s Stupid Response

A few hours later, she received this response.

‘The feeling’s fully mutual.

‘Please feel free to never bother me again.


‘Stewart Jackson, MP for Peterborough’

Now, with this negative publicity against the LGBT community, there is more negativity.

Parliament Expenses

Jackson is being sued by parliament’s expenses watchdog after refusing to pay £54,000 he is alleged to have made in capital gains on his publicly funded home.

Stewart Jackson, the MP for Peterborough, is facing the high court action by the Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority (Ipsa) after denying that he owes all of the money.

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