Feb 262017

States’ rights to hose Afro-Americans in 1950/60s

This is not a long blog.  Like most decent humans on the planet I am disgusted by Trump becoming President of the USA.  It is clear to the world that his administration is filled with fascists.  Basic human rights are being threatened.  The administration is so erratic that is is scary.

States Rights – is a perfect way to divert people from attacking Trump.  Introduce something like gender bathrooms and add – “this is a matter for states to determine.’   This is disgusting.  Since when does a state decide human rights.   History goes not have to go far back to see that many racist Southern States had to be forced by the Federal Government to give basic human rights to African Americans.   If it had been left to states’ rights – there would still be ‘whites only toilets and seating places in restaurants.’

Separation of Church and State

Brutality in the name of states’ rights

It is not the right of states to let so called Christians determine who has rights and who does not.  If bigoted right wing Christians can discriminate against homosexuals in housing, jobs, buying products, why stop there.  After all, Muslims do not believe that Jesus is God and neither do Jews and there is a clear statement from St. Paul – that it is important to Christians to believe that Jesus is Lord and God.  Again, there were “Christians” in times of racial segregation that used the Old Testament to support discrimination.

Let’s humiliate under states’ rights

Fighting States and NOT Trump.!

What a great move!  The Trump administration diverts everyone from fighting the Donald and concentrating on individual states.  There is an ongoing movement to declare the presidential election to be invalid.  Concentrate on THAT.

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