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Let’s understand the term” Fascism” as it relates to Donald Trump.

synonyms: authoritarian, totalitarian, dictatorial, despotic, draconian, autocratic, Nazi, undemocratic, antidemocratic – far right wing, militarist. 

American Fascist

Wait, I’m not American – Why Should I Get Involved?

1, The Possibility of WW3 will affect you and the environment.   2. Once unleashed, Fascism will rise in your country.  3. If you are not a white person, or you are not a right-wing Christian – you will be a target!  You can act or wait until they come for you! (Just read the history of Nazi Germany, Fascist Spain or any dictatorship were people did nothing).4. We have to be ONE human race and care for others.


American Fascists

LINK: http://www.news.com.au/lifestyle/real-life/news-life/the-kkk-is-slowly-rising-again/news-story/98e196460ea63e7469881a0306422040


Militarist: (Look out for WW3).

Steven Bannon, Trump’s chief strategist has continued to increase war-talk about Chinese man-made islands in the China Sea.  He has openly said, “We are in a war!”  North Korea is backed (to a great degree with China).  Can you see a preempted “loose” missile heading from North Korea to show support for China.  O.K. are we standing up throughout the world to TRUMP?  And insanity  is now reaching its limits/pinnacle.  There is a bill waiting to be passed so that the mentally insane can purchase guns!

Nazi/Fascist First Strikes.

Hitler started to WIN support in an economically depressed Germany, by using scapegoats to attack. Most Trump supporters glowed to his promise to bring back jobs – reduce taxes – “Make Americans Great Again.”

 Hitler rounded up the mentally-ill, those with handicapped, gypsies, homosexuals. Through lying propaganda these people were a ‘drain’ on the German economy or were morally bankrupt.  (The religious-right is now pushing against “perverted homosexuals.”

White American Supremacists are fighting against non-whites particularly Muslim and Jews. They want them removed from America.  They also are against homosexuals and foreigners in general.  They are also engaging in ‘cross burnings’ which threatens Afro-Americans and non-whites of all races.

Brown Shirts, Black Shirts – Hitler Youth – Churches

Facists, Skin-Heads, White Supremacists, KKK

Nationalism became a power unto itself.  “Germany first” – “Make Germany Great Again.”  The non-German, the Aryian race must be powerful.  Large rallies became the norm with banners (no baseball hats in vogue) and uniforms (wait until the KKK

America Ferrera st Washington

get involved).  Today, it is the media and again it is being used exactly like Hitler and his propaganda minister Joseph Goebels intended – lies, lies and lies.

Taking Away Basic Liberties
Hitler blamed the media and then took it over.  Books were burned.  Trump has stated, “I love the uneducated.”  Next freedom to go was any “unlawful assembly.”  Trump was caught off guard with the 600,000 Women’s March.  Wait until there are executive orders to ban marches that do not agree with the Racist/Fascist regime of Trump.  


Religion and Fascism.

Don’t count on mainstream religions to come to the aid of “their brothers” – the “downtrodden” – or to put into action the words of Jesus “Love one another” and “Love your neighbour.”   Hitler arrested any religious person who tried to be Christ-like.

Now, the right-wing American churches are wanting to discriminate against the LGBTI community.  They have been trying for some time to implement discrimination in housing and employment.  They want to repeal the equality of marriage acts.  LGBTI have become the scapegoats (the Jews of Nazi Germany) – and wait, Jews and Muslims will be persecuted too.  Remember that the Catholic Church spoke and excommunicated those who fought against Fascist Spain and moves for Irish Independence.  The Vatican Church should be yelling at this rise in Fascism as should the leaders of all religious groups.  Let’s also include non-religious people of peace and justice.

Is this a Nightmare for YOU?

I am a Canadian, but for this rise of Fascism, I see NO BORDERS.  This is an assault on my sisters and brothers who walk the EARTH WALK.  We need to feel part of a movement.  Please don’t feel the situation is useless – that is what Trump is counting upon.  Please decide now to join a group in solidarity.  If you are older – do it for the youth and future generations.

If you are young – start your life with having none the HUMAN THING – the RIGHT THING.  If you are a shut-in and have internet access – use it.  Trump is counting on the people who “Don’t want to make waves” – while people are not creating “waves” he is building a man/people made Tsumani!  

Depressed and Powerless?

I refuse to be part of the above two life-destroying  forces.  I must tell you that they are there – just waiting for me to give-up and do nothing.  When this happens – more events will occur that will deepen the above unhealthy living curses.  There is no rock to hide under as the seepage of hatred, war and evil will find its way under rocks and even in isolated places and the minds of would be escapees.

Have you visited Auschwitz?

Trains stopped at the entrance to Auchwitz

I have and I will never forget it.  I stood before  ceiling- to- floor spectacles,  ceiling-to-floor crutches, ceiling- to -floor shoes (and baby shoes)I saw the shoes tied together – the Nazi telling those who were about to “shower” that they needed to find their shoes again.  I stood before the gas ovens.  I saw the bunks with a shallow indent in the concrete for urine to run between the beds.

ceiling to floor shoes

ceiling to floor crutches, limbs

ceiling to floor spectacles

It People say, “Nazi Germany could never happen again?  Really?  The KKK is marching and mobilising and there are more and more incidents of racism.  In Canada in the last two weeks, a mosque has been fired upon by a white supremacist and in Toronto a man beat up an elderly black woman at a subway station.  If you believe it could not happen again – there is an experiment conducted in the USA in an elementary class – called “Blue Eyes -Brown Eyes.” You can access this on the internet.   There is also a high school history class that was an experiment – and students started to wear arm bands and become vicious.

Recent Airport Thuggery Regarding LEGAL Green Cards

In February or late January 2017, Muslims with legal green cards were separated from their children.  While there are decent employees at these major American airports, there are also thugs.  It was the thugs of Germany that blindly followed the authority of Hitler regardless if they were inflicting hatred or death on their fellow beings.  Don’t let the thugs take over.  History repeats itself if decent humans do not stand up.

children at Auchwitz who were rescued by the Russians

Anne Frank

Please contact organisations where you can march, sign petitions and feel solidarity.  There are many LGBTI organisations, human rights groups, Metropolitan Churches (strongly LGBTI), just google, “How Can I stop Trump?”  Every letter, according to stats organisations is equivalent to 1,000 people).

Thank you.

If you are a prayerful person, please pray for peace – but march.   Stand Up and Let Us Not Have a Fascist Boot on Our Neck!


 You can join these organizations

  • American Civil Liberties Union.
  • Planned Parenthood.
  • Southern Poverty Law Center.
  • Lambda Legal.
  • National Association for the Advancement of Colored People.
  • Council on American-Islamic Relations.
  • Rape Abuse & Incest National Network.
  • Stand With Standing Rock.

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