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Paula here.    There are people alive today that witnessed Afro-Americans being attacked by baton wielding police and set upon by dogs.  Martin Luther King was assassinated for his desegregation views.  Those Afro-American people today that lived through the humiliation of drinking from a “coloured only” fountain, or who had to sit at the back of a bus – are well aware that segregation has continued in southern states.  I was appalled to hear that in 2013 – there was a non-segregated high school prom!  Now these same racist and homophobic legislatures (backed by extremist right religious groups) are passing hateful laws against the LGBTI community.

Toombs County High School, Georgia

In 2004, students at Toombs County High School in Georgia held three different proms: one for whites, one for blacks, and one for Hispanics. The school had been holding segregated proms for blacks and whites .  This has been in existence since the 1970s.

Wilcox High School Georgia Holds First Integrated Prom. (2013)

Here is the response from a Brittany Hauff.

A Georgia high school held its first integrated prom. Can someone remind me what year we are in? I thought it was 2013. #confused #what

— Brittany Hauff (@BrittanyHauff) April 29, 2013


The Embarrassed Governor Makes Light of the Facts

He’s a white man of privilege and he is the Governor of the State of Georgia and what was his reaction to the integrated prom?  “It was just a silly publicity stunt!”   Really Governor, you don’t think that maybe the students considered segregation to be a thing of the past where people’s lives were destroyed from lack of equality?

Is this the Real Fear?  It’s not long ago that inter-racial marriages were banned!








The Governor's response to an integrated prom?

The Governor’s response to an integrated prom?  It was just a silly publicity stunt!

Racial Segregation Has Not Died.

If you’re inclined to think that racial segregation exists only in places like Wilcox County and at traditional events like proms, think again.

According to a 2012 report by the Civil Rights Project, there’s a phenomenon that might be called resegregation, characterized by:

  • Deepening racial segregation for black and Latino students.
  • Black and Latinos having very little contact with white students.
  • Severe racial concentration in large metropolitan areas like Chicago and New York.
  • Some students attending school under “apartheid” conditions.

White Colleges Abound (from the Atlantic

(The number of Mississippi “segregation academies” swells well above 35 if schools where the black enrollment is between three and 10 percent are counted.) At some of them — including Benton Academy near Yazoo City and Carroll Academy near Greenwood — not a single black student attended in 2010, according to the most recent data. Others, like Indianola Academy, have a small amount of diversity.

“These schools were started to keep white children away from blacks,” said Wade Overstreet, a Mississippi native and the program coordinator at the national advocacy organization Parents for Public Schools. “They’ve done an amazing job of it.”

The Hatred that Never DiesUnknown-10

images-22A child is not born to hate or discriminate.   Parents in these Southern States who discriminate and hate have passed it on to this generation.  However, as in the case of the Georgia High School – education prevailed as did decency, respect and equality.  These are the tools for the future


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