Nov 302016

unknown unknown-1The United Nations’ Refugee Agency  UNHCR has broadcast the terrible situation of refugees fleeing from war zone South Sudan.  In all likelihood , Donald Trump, has managed to fill all the “WORLD” news and diverted many away from humanitarian crisis.  The problem with the American Presidential election, is that it has turned many eyes “inward.”  Yes, there has been an increase in American hate crimes, but our real focus should be on humans that are being murdered, raped, starved and placed in refugee camps.

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The Problem of South Sudan

The following information comes from UNHCR.

“This year alone, more than 229,000 people have fled from conflict in South Sudan.  Over 90 per cent of them are women and children.  The world’s newest nation has been wrecked by violence since 2013, but now, renewed fighting in the capital, Juba, and East Equatoria state is sending thousands of people fleeing into neighbouring Uganda.

The Situation on the Ground


By Mid-July, 2016, up to 4,000 people were crossing the border into Uganda daily.  Transit centres intended to hold 1,000 people were having to accommodate 10 times that number.  The refugees arrived exhausted, hungry and dehydrated having walked many miles.  They carried belongings and children.


The United Nations is providing hot meals, water and medical care.  The UN is hoping to secure an area of Uganda called Yumbe district to try and accommodate up to 10,000 people.

If you can help, go on line and donate.  Many people are not giving Christmas gifts but giving a card that states that the recipient has contributed to making life better for the earth’s most destitute.


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