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DURBAN -South Africa.

South Africa is the only African country that legalized same-sex marriage.  However, homophobic injustice still prevails.   Here are two stories I found.    Paula.

Only picture supplied by the article

Only picture supplied by the article

The Gender Equality Commission is investigating an alleged homophobic case in KwaZulu-Natal.

This as South Africa marks ten years since same-sex unions were legalised.

A lesbian couple in KwaZulu-Natal is seeking justice after being evicted from their house because of their marriage.

They’ve been in hiding since the beginning of the month.

The Gender Equality Commission is investigating the matter.



‘Pupils evicted for being lesbians’


Who are the lesbians, LOL

Who are the lesbians, LOL


Date: 26 Feb 2010 – Second Story

THE boarding house at a KZN South Coast high school has been closed and 300 female pupils removed from the facility, allegedly because some of them are involved in lesbian relationships.

The KZN Education Department has appointed a task team to investigate the matter. It was due to deliver a report today. Two female boarders were caught kissing at the dormitory this week.

Trying to defend themselves, the two identified other alleged “lesbian”unknown-1

Maybe they heard the song, “I Kissed a Girl,” and I liked it. LOL

couples rooming at the dormitory and named about 30 other girls. While some people say the girls were removed from the dorm because of their sexual orientation, others say the school was simply against pupils engaging in intimate relationships at the boarding house.

A security guard at the school yesterday said the school had issued strict instructions for the media not to be allowed in. The decision to close the boarding house is said to have come from the school governing body. A parent of one of the affected girls said some pupils were being accommodated at three homes near the school. Others come from distant areas and have been unable to return to school because of a lack of accommodation.


Education Department spokesman Sihle Mlotshwa warned that schools did not have the right to remove or expel pupils based on their sexual orientation. Javu Baloyi, spokesman for the Commission on Gender Equality, said the organisation would also look into the matter. Durban Gay and Lesbian Community health centre director Nonhlanhla Mkhize said the incident was “shocking”, considering how far the country had progressed. She said the SA Schools Act and the constitution did not tolerate such action.


“Such incidents make you wonder whether schools are there to promote only certain aspects of society. Sexual orientation aside, this is a serious injustice to the pupils,” she said. By Sinegugu Ndlovu – The Star 26/02/10e2

Paula here.  “So the girls were just loving another girl.  They were not beating up girls!  They were not bullying girls.  Such homophobia!

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