Aug 032015

Unknown1.  Is there a dress code for Toronto?

2. Is the water coming over Niagara Falls real?

3. Can I take a subway from Toronto to Vancouver.

4. I have to be at an address in Montreal this evening for dinner at 5 pm.        How much time should I give myself to get there?

Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls

5. What time do they turn on the rainbow over Niagara Falls?

6. Why do French Canadians have a different accent from other Canadians?

7. Why do Canadians have fireworks today on July 1st.  The American 4th of July has not come yet?  (Answer:  July 1st is Canada Day).

8. What kind of dye do they put in the Niagara Falls water to make it change colours?

(Answer:  The Falls are lit by coloured lights).

9. Can I parachute over Niagara Falls?

Canadian flag

Canadian flag

10.   Caller:   How far is Boston from Toronto?

Counsellor:   About 900 kilometres or 565 miles.

Caller:  So if I drive using miles, it won’t take me as long to get there?  Right?



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