Sep 082017

It is a sad fact that many fish, birds and animals are victims of any large hurricane.  However, on the bright side, many people step in and rescue animals.

The first picture is for fun.  We cannot be sad.  Most animals will be taken in or shipped.  The “glass is half full.”

This cat is NOT waiting for humans to feed him/her.  LOL

I did post a blog a few days/weeks ago about 121 cats being shipped from Corpus Christi, Texas to the inland city of Houston.  I also note that rescue centres in Texas are hearing from my fellow Canadians who are willing to adopt dogs and cats (may be other animals as well).

roosters in burritos wraps

Below is an amusing photo of roosters in a car being evacuated.  Well, maybe it is not a laughing matter for the roosters.  They are wrapped in soft burritos and wrapped to keep them from fighting.


Miami zoo has put these flamingos into one of their toilets/washroom facilities.

And lastly, if you insist on wearing stiletto heels in a hurricane disaster area, I suggest you wear them like the photo indicates.  LOL


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