Sep 152016

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Here are a checklist of items that can make or break a relationship.  They are just a guideline, YOU are in the relationship, but sometimes, some personal reflection is a good and healthy thing.  paula


—-Have you an inability or refusal to say “I’m sorry” whether you are right or wrong. Do you want to be in love or to be right all the time?



Do you complain by launching an attack or say something gently like, “Can we talk?”



——Do you discuss issues or attack your partner?

  Can you stay on topic or do you fly “off the handle” and into an angry rage?



——If there are problems, do you recognize that maybe you are ‘part of the problem’?   Can you, or are you willing to see your partner’s point of view?

—-If a problem is not solved, do you   a) sulk b) give silent treatment   c) storm out the door   d) drink excessively  e) stay out late and have her worry about you?


—–Have you had similar problems in other relationships? What might this mean?

———-Do you seek revenge?  Do you badmouth your partner to friends?


—-Do you threaten when an issue is not solved to your satisfaction?—–Do you swear, insult or roll your eyes when an issued is not solved?—– Have you been physically abusive?

—-Do you expect your partner to know that you have a problem?   This is not helpful as people are “not thought readers.”   If you have a need discuss it without blaming your partner.


Instead of thinking, “She just ignores me!”    Try just suggesting that you go out and have fun..

Talk it out – Don’t shout it out!

This one is up to you.

As you prepare to sleep say, “Look, I still disagree with you, but I want a truce and a goodnight kiss.”   Don’t be offended if she refuses, people need time to work things out. Pressurizing someone is not the solution.



. Do you take pride in how you look?     Do you say romantic words?      Do you do special things to bring pleasure or surprise to your loved one?

If your response is, “Well she does none of these things!  Then, you both need to reexamine why you are together?   One person has to make a move to brighten or revive a relationship.   Start with yourself and see the reaction – then evaluate your life and your relationship, but talk, talk, and gently talk.

Notice:  All these images are women in love.      Let’s face it, most people have to work on relationships.  We have to notice our partner, cherish our partner and be romantic with our partner.

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