May 232014


SMILE A WHILE  3.   by Paula Key

Unknown-3** The only reason to take up jogging is to hear heavy breathing again.


**There should have been three wise women. They would have asked for directions, cleaned the stable and brought casseroles and clean baby linen.


** Talk is cheap until you share it with a lawyer.

** One important thing a speaker should remember: The mind can only absorb what the seat can endure.

** The lift is being repaired, during that time you will be unbearable.

** I have to exercise in the morning before my brain realizes what it’s doing.


** If you want something done give it to someone who is busy.


** Car sickness is the feeling ou get every month when its payments fall due.


** Of course I can fix it, hand me the yellow pages.


Smile lesbians, smile

Smile lesbians, smile

** Those who bring sunshine to the lives of others – cannot keep it from themselves. (J.Barrie)







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