Dec 232015

In December, 2015  -Slovenia put Gay Marriage to a referendum and two-thirds of the predominantly Catholic country said “No.”  This is so shockingly medieval!

The Catholic Church Enemy of the LGBTI

A conservative group calling itself “Children Are at Stake,” backed by the Roman Catholic Church, collected more than 80,000 signatures for a referendum on the law, invoking the constitutional right of Slovenians to appeal laws adopted by parliament.

Parliament tried to prevent the referendum, taking the position that the law protects fundamental rights, and that article 90 of the constitution specifically protects laws relating to fundamental rights from referendum challenges. However, Slovenia’s Constitutional Court ruled that the parliament could not block the referendum and allowed it to take place.

Slovenian Law

Under Slovenian law, a minimum of 20 percent of the more than 1.7 million registered voters is required to vote against the same-sex marriage law in order for the referendum to be valid.

Within the EU, same-sex marriage is now legal in the Netherlands, Belgium, Sweden, Portugal, Spain, Denmark, France, the United Kingdom, Luxemburg, and Ireland. In May, Ireland became the first country in the world to endorse marriage equality by popular vote, and to enshrine the protection in its constitution.

Lies and More Lies

Groups like ‘Children Are at Stake’ have been using discredited arguments alleging harmful consequences from same-sex parenting to try to reverse marriage equality.

Religious homophobia ignored the  70 peer-reviewed scholarly studies from around the world have concluded that children of gay or lesbian parents fare as well as other children. For LGBT children, growing up in an environment of non-discrimination and equality serves their best interest, Human Rights Watch said.

The Majority Taking Rights From the Minority

Allowing the right to marry to be subject to approval by referendum means that recognition of a fundamental right of a minority is left to the whim of the majority, Human Rights Watch said.

“Slovenia’s own constitution recognizes that fundamental rights shouldn’t be left to majority decision.”


Paula’s Comment

There are other “children at stake” and these are the gay, lesbian and transgendered young people who are subjected to religious hatred and discrimination.  Many commit suicide.  There will be blood on the hands of those who voted NO to human rights.

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