Sep 302016
Don't challenge him!

Don’t challenge him!


Sleepless Trump: what if he had to make a big decision?  The Donald has been smarting from his defeat in the first debate with Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton.  Most television stations and news media reports that his defeat has “unhinged” him.  His recent attacks have become more vicious.

Miss Universe:    Trump called her insulting names as she gained weight after her title.  Hillary called Trump on it during the debate.  He had no comeback or explanation.  He just kept saying, “Where did you get this information?”

Up at 3 a.m four days after the debate and The Donald is still angry about being called on the Miss Universe happenings.   He took to tweeting about it, as if there were not more problems to deal with.

My question is – say this may became President (PLEASE DON’T SAY IT – LOL) What would he do if, say, President Putin or the North Korean leader insulted him.  Would the world have to put up with Trump bombarding them with Tweets.

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I’m a Canadian and I can tell you that Canadians are talking about Trump.  From where I live, it is about a 3-4 hour drive to the Canada-USA border.  This is too close for comfort.   What if Trump argues with our gorgeous Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau?   What if Trump hates that Canada just won the World Championship in hockey and decided to bribe and buy our hockey teams.  I tell you, WW3 would break out. LOL.

Seriously, while most of us try to make the world a better place, this one-man-wrecking-ball-machine is undoing everything that is humanly decent.  He is a racist, sexist, misogynist, bigoted, lying and extremely angry man.   Hillary, you have just got to win and be President.   The world is holding its breath and drinking heavily!

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