Feb 212013

A group of 600 guitarists have paid a musical tribute to the Delhi gang rape victim, playing “Imagine” by John Lennon in a bid to spread “hope, peace and promise” in a country still coming to terms with the violence.

The group assembled at a music festival in the eastern hilltown of Darjeeling on Thursday, nearly three weeks after the brutal rape and murder of a student on a moving bus in New Delhi brought an outpouring of national anger.

“We chose this song because it talks about hope, peace and promise,” said Sonam Bhutia, tourism secretary of Darjeeling and one of the festival organisers.

“The song is so inspiring. It talks about a universe without any boundaries,” Bhutia said of the 1971 Lennon track. The tribute was a gesture on our part to show that we are with the victim’s family in their hour of unimaginable sorrow.”

The savage attack on the woman has triggered countrywide protests with calls for better safety and an overhaul of laws governing crimes against women.

We need to have famous musicians band together as in “Band Aid” and “Do They Know its Christmas” and “We are the World” organized by Lionel Ritchie and Michael Jackson.  These groups brought world attention to the plight of hunger in Africa.
Now, there is a new hunger:  hunger for justice, hunger for protection, hunger against rape.  There are over 64,000 rapes against women, children and seniors in South Africa on a YEARLY BASIS.
Emai: South African Embassy     Email: South African Touristm – tell them you won’t visit a country where women are raped so frequently.



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