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They have “sex before soccer games” ? Wow, I’m signing up for soccer!

Here are the exact words taken from part of  an article that is written by a Kenyan man.  It is a sick, biased and nothing but ignorant generalizaations aobut lesbians.  Rape of lesbians is rampant in Africa, and if this ‘educated’ writer keeps spreading this homophobic garbage, no wonder there is such hatred towards lesbians.  I have placed his comments in red, because it is a color symbolic of the blood that is spilled when lesbians are murdered and raped.   The above headline is taken from the article written by Dennis Machio.

I have written some of my comments in black.

What is lesbianism?

Lesbianism, in the most simplified form, is the homosexuality of women. Lesbians are known to express their sexual and romantic desires toward other females contrary to the nature where all humans have an inborn instinct to mate with opposite sex.

Causes of Lesbianism

My daughter hates her brother, so now I’m raising a lesbian? She also plays soccer, is in Girl Guides and goes to an all girl school..It must be true!

“There are two common models of lesbianism. If a girl experiences the company of other girls or girl more than that with a boy, she may possibly become a lesbian. (Dennis, what about same sex boarding schools, they graduate almost 99% heterosexuals)

On the other hand, if a girl, by whatever reasons, happened to hate a boy or boys, she may become a lesbian.” As Quoted.

(God, if just hating the opposite sex, made a person change into heterosexuals or homosexuals, we would have a lot of divorcees switching sides.  A youngsters, boys tease girls and girls hate boys…but that doesn’t make them homosexuals.  Are the boys that tease or ‘hate’ girls really homosexuals?)

I’m never playing soccer! I’m kissing every boy in class. No jeans or shorts, I’ll just wear dresses and bows in my hair!

Genetic: There also exists a controversial argument that some of lesbianism cases are genetic. In the western world where the practice is more acceptable in society, some have claimed to have been born with the gene and cannot help themselves to stop being attracted to persons of the same sex. (Dennis, ‘can’t help themselves being attracted,’  isn’t that the same as heterosexuals not being able to stop themselves being attracted to other heterosexuals.  This makes it normal for lesbians to seek other lesbians)

This claim is said to elicit some sympathy from society for gay people to be accepted.

Peer pressure:  In Kenya, most of the lesbians especially the ones in the sports world have been recruited to the same out of peer influence maybe in the teams or during their high school days where the practice is said to be more popular.

Men disappointments: In relation to a recent report we published last week on the struggles of single mothers in Kenyan sports, it has also emerged that some of these single mothers who have been disappointed by men have resolved to being involved with women and slowly converted to become lesbians for fear of more disappointments by men.

Raped: Though she is not directly involved in sports, one of our interviewed source openly confessed to practicing lesbianism. She says she gets attracted to sports women because they are masculine and strong. Taulina (nick name) says she was raped at her early puberty age and she has grown up to hate men to date.  (Yes, Dennis, rape is big in African society.  But, if you look at statistics, heterosexual women who are raped, go on to marry men.  If she already was a lesbian, raping her has nothing to do with her initial orientation).

“I find no attraction in men, I just get attracted to women especially those who look like men with masculine swag. I find this mostly in sports women and I love it.” Taulina says.  (Dennis, one woman’s testimony does not make a survey)

Women Soccer team has reliably learned that the recent trip by the Kenyan women soccer team to Ethiopia for a friendly match late last year was hit by widespread allegations of lesbianism. Officials accused a section of the team players (some of whom we talked to) of engaging in lesbianism. (Dennis, I am sure that there was widespread allegations of heterosexual activity, too, but what has this to do with women and their soccer skills.   Concentrate on the game).

Kenya lost 5-0 in the friendly match played in Addis and some of the accused players were said to have engaged in sex before the match.

(Who had the sex?  Kenya or Ethiopia?)  And whether they won or lost….I think one team was obviously better than the other).

An interviewed source from the soccer team acknowledges that just like in most girls’ high schools in Kenya, young girls who join these teams are recruited to becoming lesbians by older girls, some who play in the senior women’s team.

“It is true, very true that lesbianism is there in Kenyan football but don’t also forget, it is even widespread outside sports than you can imagine. Some of the players have their girl friends in other sectors that are not sports related. Just that those other girls love sportswomen because of their masculine looks and strength.” She said.

Wow, our guys might love having sex with one another before a game. We lose most games, so why not have some fun to ease the pain of losing. Dennis, you’re a genius!

On a serious note, Dennis.

The number of murdered South African lesbian soccer players can be found on my site and on the internet.  Articles like Machio writes only adds fuel to the burning fires of homophobia.  I wonder if he thinks that ‘corrective rape’ might be the solution to lesbianism in soccer.  Many African rapists seem to think this way.






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