Apr 212016

reparative-therapy-x750_0Your sexual orientation is in place at the time of your birth.  If you are LGBTI, rejoice in your perfect creation.

There is such diversity in this world particularly in the human species. I’ve been thinking about the diversity that comes with birth: skin color, race, height, eye colors, gender.

Add to this the human rules placed on a new-born:

religion, taboos, culture, sexual rules, gender rules, female genital mutilation – and it becomes painfully clear that females and homosexuals and transgendered persons are at the bottom of the pile of importance in terms of human beings.

Some children are born with mental and physical challenges and that adds for further diversity and acceptance or rejection.  Since when is it a right for some humans to reject others on any grounds.  We are all walking this EARTH WALK – where we learn  and grow by acceptance.

Humans are basically in two groups: progressive or evolving or statically held back by narrow-minded practice of  religions, or cultural backward norms.  It is the statically group that  imposes severe penalties such as gender preference of boys over girls or the rejection of mental or physical handicaps.

Add sexual orientation to this static thinking and we have cruel punishments for homosexuals and transgendered persons: rape, violence, executions and jail sentences


The Sick Need to Change or Alter Nature 

In the progressive thinking humans, there is the wide recognition of World Psychiatric Association that “ex-gay” or “conversation” therapy is “unscientific, unethical, ineffective, and harmful” in a statement released today March 22, 2016. The WPA has called on governments around the world to decriminalize homosexuality.  LGBTI persons are not mentally sick or a perversion of nature.  Sexual orientation CANNOT be changed so hence it is NOT a choice.  People are born this way.

Lack of Acceptance by Fundamental Religious Families.

Where there is the most hatred for homosexuals you will find a correlation with religion be it Christianity or Islam. They are locked into centuries old statements that they cannot dismiss because “holy” prophets have stated that homosexuals are ‘sinners’ in the eyes of God.

This results in families dragging kids/teens to therapy where there is no evidence that change of sexual orientation works. This leads the victim to believe that he or she is fundamentally flawed and “unnatural”. Such thinking undermines self-esteem because they are rejected for their true selves. The outcomes are unhappy: forced marriages or running away. At the worse extremes are ‘honor killings’ to save the family’s pride and suicide.



If you are reading this and in this situation make sound choices that will keep you safe and let you live the life that will make you happy and fulfilled.



You are beautiful for exactly who you are! You are not alone, LGBTI persons have been on this planet since the dawn of “civilization.”

You are special. You are perfectly created.

You need to love and be loved.





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