Aug 052017

Trump by his election as President (which is dubious at best) is Commander-in-Chief of the U.S.A military.  His job is to support the troops at all times.  Instead, he has caused a division among the finest serving straight, bi, gay, transgendered and straight soldiers.  He has insulted transgendered persons by calling them a “burden.”  Since when is a person willing to die or be fatally injured – a burden?

Donald Trump: “transgendered soldiers are a burden!” dismisses the investigation



Trump the Despicable!

Post-Traumatic Syndom Disorder often accompanies “soldiers who are serving or who have served. Being on the front line of a War is impossible to conceive.  Soldiers need to band together with support from their officers.  Now, Trump has singled out transgendered soldiers to denigrate.   There will always be racist, homophobic and hateful soldiers serving in any country, at any given time.  Now, Trump has enabled them to harass their own comrades.  Fifty-eight retired brass has written to Trump to reprimand him, but the hurt and violence has been unleashed.  It is noteworthy that some “foot problem” enabled Trump to dodge the Vietnam War.  Neither older sons have volunteered to serve their country.

The World Looks On

Australia, New Zealand, U.K., Canada, Thailand, Spain, France, Austria, Germany, Denmark, Norway, Netherlands, Sweden, Bolivia, Belgium, Estonia, Finland… all allow trans men and women to serve. Working with trans men and women is unavoidable for American troops, even if Trump’s desperate Tweet was implemented.

Karma and Justice

How many of these crosses represent:
straight, gay, bi-sexual, lesbian, transgendered soldiers?

History will not be kind to Trump.  Hopefully, justice will bring him to account for his hateful policies.  A Grand Jury is currently involved in looking at the possibility of possible collusion of Trump, his family and his campaign with Russia.  If there has been money laundering or other criminal activities – ‘heads will roll.’  Can he pardon everyone?  This is a man without a conscience.

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