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images-32 images-22 images-33                         Self-love is not being selfish, in fact, it is essential to a person’s well being. Self-love is the foundation for gratitude and acknowledging the gifts of sight, hearing and walking. It acknowledges the fact that most of us have food, clothing, shelter, a family and a job. You may have dismissed one or two of these gifts, but that’s your choice.


Self-Love Key to the World

Self-love instills confidence – not arrogant pride. It is a key to better job opportunities and fulfilling relationships in your life. Self-love, by definition, never puts down the self. It is realistic and acknowledges that each of us has weaknesses and short-comings that we are working on. This is looking at life through positive ‘glasses’ or lenses. Self-love tackles life’s problems from a position of strength – naturally, not every problem can be solved, but there is always learning involved.

Building Self-Love

  1. Mindfulness/Awarenesslove-11

It’s not a case of once you have gained self-love, it is there forever. We need to be MINDFUL of it. Awareness is the key. A person with Self-love is aware of what she/he needs to keep a tranquil soul in the midst of daily storms. They are not controlled by other’s opinions, but welcome them and make their own decisions.

  1. Taking Care of Body/Soulimages-24

In women, there is a need to take care of others first, often to the point, that a woman is totally worn out. Every woman needs to be involved in healthy living routines: sound nutrition, exercise, proper sleep – and ‘time out.’ We need to love and experience love in return. The sources and choices of love are up to each individual.

  1. Living a Balance Life.

The saying “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.” Well, it also makes Jill a dull woman! Set boundaries and learn to say “NO” in a positive, gentle, but firm manner.   Don’t be a push-over! People will test you. Saying NO aggressively upsets both the self and others around you.

  1. Choose Friends and Intimate Relationships Wisely.images-34

Surround yourself with positive people. Everyone has some individual who is a ‘revolving door’ in terms of misery and negativity. They like the door, come round and round again and nothing changes.

It is always a good idea of asking, “What do you think you should do to solve this situation?” That involves them taking responsiblity for a situation.

Be careful with advice – Give your opinion, but state clearly – “This is my opinion, only follow it if you think it is right for you!”


Forgiving Yourself Strengthens Self Love

Forgive yourself for past mistakes and live in the NOW. The same goes for forgiving others that have hurt you.   We forgive others out of a position of strength knowing that it releases us. There is no need to contact a person again who has deeply wronged you. Forgive them and wish them well.

Let Yourself be Loved

Don’t be afraid of love. You are always in control of any situation in life. Keep perspective and be mindful if the love that you are receiving from an intimate person is fulfilling, and life-affirming. Involve your lover in meaningful dialogue. Reveal your true thoughts and feelings. Come to mutual decisions.


Self-love means being fully alive and living a life that brings fulfillment. It is a freedom that enables a person to choose and make decisions for the benefit of the self those we love and the planet in general.



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