Apr 242016

Unknown-4Nature is overwhelmingly beautiful and fascinating.  Trish and I spend as much time as we can looking at, listening to, and touching (when possible and practical) creatures of the air, land and sea.  Here is a blog that I hope you will like.   paula.      These creatures are not posted according to their intelligence amongst one another.


Whales converse with each other in stunning melodic sounds. The sounds made by whales can be heard by others from miles away and get the message home. Whales travel in large groups and rely on each other during hunting expeditions as they employ manipulative tricks in catching their prey. Group feedings and attacks are just some successful tactics and acumen features used by whales.

The Octopus

Unknown-1The Octopus is one of the most intelligent sea creatures. They possess the ability to invent and play games, solve complex problems and even steer through mazes. Considering their short memories, an octopus can effectively mimic others, spread cultural information and communicate using patterns, flashing and colors. They have a highly developed spatial learning ability and navigational skills. They also possess highly creative predatory and manipulative knowledge

Sea Lions

Unknown-2Sea lions are capable of higher cognitive functioning which is normally only found in humans. They are able to master their own game of concentration and can actually match different shapes together using trial and error. This skill allows sea lions to pinpoint sources of food as well as tell whether someone is a friend or an enemy. You are able to teach sea lions tricks for entertainment and they have actually been trained to help the US Navy in water needs. Interestingly enough, Sea Lions are able to work out the following equation: a=b and b=c, then a=c.



Squids are said to be among some of the most intelligent invertebrates in existence. Their brain structure exhibits some complex features similar to the human brain. They are usually very curious about their environment, a characteristic attributed to humans. Their ability to learn new skills and develop useful tools that can help them in containing their boredom and for protection purposes is awesomely smart.


02Studies have shown that dolphins exhibit the second most complex and powerful brain in animals –and of course, the human brain beats them all. Bottlenose dolphins prove to be aware of themselves by easily recognizing their images in the mirror. Besides being conceptual thinkers, yes thinkers; bottlenose dolphins also experience basic emotions and choose their actions carefully. They are known to learn through observation and their ability solving encountered problems. They also have the capacity to differentiate between adults and children for they appear to be more patient and gentler towards children.

Bottlenose dolphins are exceptionally social creatures. They seem to be keenly aware of the social status and identity of other dolphins in their social groups. They do recognize their moms, their leaders and even know how others feature in the hierarchy. This enables them to adjust their behavior accordingly around the social groups. They also possess the special knack of finding relatives separated and by long distances.

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