Sep 282017

Scottish Episcopalians (Anglicans) welcome Gays and Same-Sex Marriage

The Anglican church in Scotland is to face de facto sanctions imposed by global church leaders next week for its acceptance of same-sex marriage.

Leaders of the global Anglican communion, meeting for five days in Canterbury, are expected to impose “consequences” on the Scottish Episcopal church along the lines of the punitive measures dished out to the US Episcopal church last year for its embrace of LGBTI equality.

Scottish Anglican Church:

Scottish Anglicans voted overwhelmingly in June in favour of allowing same-sex couples to marry in church, setting the church on a collision course with the Anglican communion. The Anglican church in Canada is expected to follow suit.

Archbishops Nicholas Okoh of Nigeria, Stanley Ntagali of Uganda and Onesphore Rwaje of Rwanda have said they will not attend in protest at what they see as the Anglican communion’s failure to uncompromisingly back traditional interpretations of the scriptures on sexuality.

Conservative Africans

In an open to conservative Anglicans, Okoh said he had attended the previous meeting of primates in January 2016 in the belief it might be possible to “change the pattern of repeated failure to preserve the integrity of Anglican faith and order”.

But, he added, “the will of the orthodox primates is frustrated and misrepresented [and] false teaching is not being corrected … In these circumstances, I have concluded that attendance at Canterbury would be to give credibility to a pattern of behaviour which is allowing great damage to be done to global Anglican witness and integrity.”

The archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby told reporters that next week's gathering would face tough questions.  My point is, "how would Jesus react?"

He urged Anglicans to pray that primates would be able to “walk onwards together”.

Sixteen new primates have been appointed since the last meeting, which will also discuss climate change, refugees, the persecution of Christians and “all the great issues of the world”, Welby said.

The Church of England announced on Wednesday that the number of people training to become priests was at the highest level for a decade, at 544 men and women, a 14% increase on last year. Women accounted for more than half of new ordinands this autumn.

The Archbishop of Canterbury 2017

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