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The Quaran, like the Bible it is open to interpretation

The Quaran, like the Bible it is open to interpretation

Paula:  “My intention is to blog/write with honesty and integrity.  When I find articles, I try to establish their authenticity and provide a reference.  Religions are very important to people and it is NOT my intention to insult any religion.  I also know that ALL religions can be interpreted differently and their texts have been applied to social situations.  For example, the Quaran does not refer to a woman driving a car since it was written before cars were manufactured.  Yet, Saudi Arabia, for example does not permit women driving cars – this is a social custom.  Muslim women may drive in Western countries- Europe, North America, etc.

This article is about wife beating in Saudi Arabia.  Obviously, there are many gentle Saudi men who would never beat their wife (wives).  However, Sharia Law does allow wife beating and quotes the Quran to allow such violence.   Towards the end of the article, the writer argues that the Quaran does NOT approve of wife beating, but sees a married couple as a blessing to each other.”  (Paula)


Saudi Arabia—Nearly half Saudi women are beaten up by their husbands or other family members at home and many of them are hit by sticks and head cover, according to a university study published in local newspapers on Tuesday.

Surprisingly, the study found that the Bedouin men who still dwell the desert in the conservative Gulf Kingdom, are less violent than Saudi men in urban areas.

The study was conducted by Dr Lateefa Abdul Lateef, a social science professor at King Saud University in the Capital Riyadh. It involved female students at the university and some Saudi women covered by the government’s social security.

“The study showed that nearly half those covered by social security and more than a third of the female students at the university are beaten up at home,” Dr Lateefa said, quoted by the Saudi Arabic language daily Almadina.

“Husbands were found to be beating their wives more than others….they are followed by fathers, then brothers then sons…hands and sticks were found to be used mostly in beating women, following by men’s head cover and to a lesser extent, sharp objects.”

The study showed that husbands beating their wives included both educated and non-educated men.

Unknown-2 Unknown-3Prominent  Wife Beating Case in Saudi Arabia

Rania al-Baz (Arabic: رانيا الباز), a Saudi celebrity, is famous internationally for speaking out against violence against women, in particular domestic violence against Muslim women. Rania is the daughter of Yahya al-Baz, a businessman who owns a large chain of hotels in Saudi Arabia. Rania al-Baz started her career in her late teens. By her early 20s, she had become one of the best known TV figures in Saudi Arabia. Her success was largely due to her appearance on the program “The Kingdom this Morning”

In 1998, Al-Baz met the singer Yunus Al-Fallatta, and soon, defying custom, they had a love marriage. After returning from a honeymoon in Paris, Al-Baz and Al-Fallatta had two children, both boys. Shortly after their marriage, Al-Fallatta’s popularity dwindled. Al-Baz, however, only gained more fame. The decrease in media attention caused the couple’s relations to deteriorate, and Al-Fallatta became “regularly violent”. Al-Baz did not report this to the authorities for a multitude of reasons. First, she feared that relations would only get worse if this were taken outside the home. Second, Saudi authorities are known to serve the interests of men over women.

Al-Fallatta had been unemployed for three years, when the “accident”, as Rania Al-Baz calls it, happened. On the night of April 4th. The video below is an interview short after the beatings, which fracture her face in 13 parts including the nose, where Rania explains the incident.

I am pointing this case because in theory the Saudi Arabian law gives women protection from domestic violence; in reality no woman, before Al-Baz, had ever pressed charges against her husband.

In the end, the court sentenced Al-Fallatta(the husband) to six months in prison and to be flogged with 300 lashes. (Take that!!! )

Al-Fallatta was not found guilty of attempted murder reduced, as Al-Baz’s lawyer had initially charged, but was charged for “grievous assault”. This was the first time that a domestic violence case was successfully persecuted maybe because of the attention.

The court also gave the right to divorce and the custody of the children.

Al-Baz later publicly pardoned her husband. (Only a devoted Muslim could forgive this way)

She is now living in Paris, she said her life was in dangerous in Saudi Arabia, she had to left her kids with her mother in Saudi Arabia.

She went to The Oprah Winfrey Show and you can see that after the plastics surgeries her face look different.

“I don’t feel like I’m a hero,” Rania says. “… I feel that no woman should be a victim to her husband, or a victim in anyway. A woman should have the ability to choose her own destiny.”

NOTE: Saudi Arabia is a country of radical Islam that’s why her case was so important. In Tunisia for example domestic violence is 100% illegal and punished by 5 years in Prision.


According to the Noble Quran and the Sayings of Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him above, wife beating in Islam is definitely prohibited, possibly even in the case where the wife fails after she was warned twice for her ill-conduct and disloyalty.

It is definitely a valid interpretation for Noble Verse 4:34 that Allah Almighty commanded the Muslim men to divorce and leave their wives, and not to physically beat them as many scholars believe.

A wife is not a possession! She is not an object! Memorize this “And among His signs is this, that He created for you mates from among yourselves, that you may dwell in tranquility with them, and he has put love and mercy between your (hearts)…” Qu’ran [30:21]

“Wife abuse has hurt many Muslim women, destroyed many Muslim families, and weakened the entire Muslim community. How much longer can Muslims afford to look the other way?”

“I recommend that you treat women with goodness. The best of you are those who treat their wives the best.” Prophet Muhammed

Orlando, 2008 Portugal

بِسْمِ اللَّهِ الرَّحْمَنِ الرَّحِيمِ

In the name of God, Most Gracious, Most Merciful.


Please research further.  paula.

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