Jul 162013

Sarah age 15, young and proud!


Sarah Skaalum Jørgensen, will celebrate her eighteenth birthday on July 6, 2013. She is a proud citizen of Denmark.  Many of us are unaware that two years ago, at the ripe old age of 15, Sarah won the Danish X Factor talent show, on March 25, 2011.  Gays and lesbians blogged and twitted their praise for her and wished her a win on this fourth year of this competition.

 This talented singer was confident and comfortable with her revelation that she was a lesbian.  In Denmark and many parts of Europe, she is simply known as Sarah.

Sarah started her early musical career around the age of 12.  Now, she plays guitar, piano, bass and drums.  Her talents reach over into the world of art as she loves to draw and paint.   Sarah has stated often that she loves her home in Copenhagen.  She even goes as far as to say, that should she be in another country and dying, she would hope to make it back to Copenhagen in order to draw her last breath.ComeTogether

For a brief while, Sarah was engaged, but the pair broke it off.  Now, she is single and many lesbians in Denmark have fingers crossed that they may meet her and a miracle might happen.!

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