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Sandy Rios: Woman Who Disgraces Our Gender.  She is bigoted, racist, homophobic, Islamaphobic – to name just a few of her disgraceful ways of thinking and acting.

Sandy Rios has many words and actions that I find despicable.  She was born in the state of Illinois in 1949 and has spent most of her life spreading lies and hatred.

Like many of her right-wing counterparts, Rios claims to be a Christian.  I have come to the conclusion that being a hateful Christian is lucrative in the U.S.A (as it is in many parts of the globe).  There are always followers who have many things in common with Rios: racism, genderism, homophobia and a hatred for facts.

Organizational Names

Rios cloaks herself in organizations that sound supportive of American values: The American Family Association, Concerned Women for America, but the truth comes out when Rios is also a member of FAIR (Federation for American Immigration Reform) which is an anti-immigration organization.  Rios and others stoop to the gutter with their lies and ignorance about immigrants and other ‘enemies’ – homosexuals, gay-marriage, planned parenthood, etc.

“Immigrants Lack Knowledge of Hygiene”

This is a generalization that spreads fear and is untrue.   Look, even certain Americans and other nationalities can lack hygiene in their daily lives. Rios recently stated “Listen, I am being very impolitic here,” Rios admitted, “but, as a female I find that bathrooms have just become unbearable because I think the people coming in don’t know basic hygiene, don’t know how to handle modern amenities.”

Let’s Take Rios on a Drive of Any Large Town or City

First stop:  A hospital where hygine rules are enforced.  Force Rios to watch those who heal and work for the community:surgeons, doctors, nurses, psysiotherapists, lab workers, x-ray technicans.  There are also janitors, maintenance crews, food preparation staff – many are immigrants.


Second stop:  Driving past a construction site. 

There are police officers walking the beat and driving in cars.  They slow down for taxi drivers.  Both sets of workers often have immigrants in their teams.  On the construction site, Rios should be introduced to immigrant engineers and architects and the coffee van owner whogreets the workers with an immigrant smile.

Third stop:  Main and Side Streets.

Turn down any street and emigrants have hung out their signs: doctors, chiropractors, lawyers , accountants and business people.  Stop for a  cold drink at a variety store owned by a turbaned seik, a muslim woman, or an African man.

Fourth Stop:   Drive towards the airport. We pass large elementary and high schools.  Let’s explain a few things to Rios.

Immigrant students are eager to obtain an education; some of them have immigrant teachers.  Now, we pass the large university where immigrant professors and Ph.D faculty members teach medicine, science, technology to eager students – some of whom come from immigrant parents.   Would Rios like to meet the faculty from schools and universities – no likely.  She has her own agenda – and it makes money for her!

At the airport: 

Rios is not interested in the immigrant pilots, or the immigrant engineers that maintain the planes.   She ignores the customs officers, baggage collectors and other immigrants who work in all aspects of transportation.

What does catch her attention and hostility is the happy non-English greetings of immigrant visitors meeting their established American families.

She fumes and makes note to mention the influx of ‘dirty’ immigrants destroying the white America.  Rios has failed to notice or to fume at the white immigrants who are also meeting their families.

White Immigrants of the Past

If we transported Rios back 20, 30, 50, 100 years and brought her to

Ellis Island, Rios would have cause to unleash her hatred against WHITE

IMMIGRATION.  The victims would be the ‘drunked and filthy’ Irish, the ‘large breeding Italian’ families, who can’t speak English.  There would be the Russian Jews – and the noisy oily-haired Greeks.  In the late 1960s and 1970s there would be the Vietnamese ‘boat people’ whom I’m sure Rios would consider to be infiltrated with Communists.

Freedom of Speech and Radio Broadcasts

There will also be racists and haters in society, but people like Rios use ‘freedom of speech’ to fan the flames.  Rios and others are financed by rich bigots.  This woman had a radio show on WYLL in Chicago, Illinois from 1993 to 2001 and returned to it again from 2007 to 2010.  Rios in 2005 was given the Henry Hyde Leadership Award and a Pro-Life “Protector Award.”


Rios is a dangerous person, hence she is on the Right Wing Watch which always needs donations to carry on its work.  In 2009, she married Bruce Rather, a Chicago-based lawyer.  In 2015, she had an incredibly stupid comment that the sexual orientation of an AMTRAK (American train company) engineer.  She claimed that his orientation was a possible factor in the 2015 Philadelphia train derailment.  These are the creepy people who take ‘pot shots’ at homosexuals with the ‘innocent ‘ statement that it could have been a ‘possible factor’ when the engineer of a derailed train was a homosexual.

Make America White Again

By contrast, Rios said in the same speech that “there are still parts of the country that “still look like America,” where “nothing has changed, English is heard, and things are running smoothly.”

Stein, for his part, urged President Trump to fulfill his promise of creating a “merit-based” immigration system, arguing that “poor immigrants” without “education or earning power” are becoming a “net cost to society.”

“The immigration issue is going to be dealt with one way or the other,” Stein warned. “Now, it’s either going to be dealt with responsibly and reasonably, or it will be decided in the streets, because the public is going to get so frustrated with total inaction.”

Paula’s last comments:  Few immigrants are let into countries without education or earning power.  The exception may be for asylum seekers or refugees.  I should add that one of the stops on the above car ride should have been at the Statue of Liberty.  I would have forced Rios to read the inscription on the statue”  Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free, The wretched refuse of your teeming shore. Send these, the homeless, tempest-tost to me, I lift my lamp beside the golden door!”

I would also ask her to go back through her own family ancestry and to acknowledge immigrants who came to America.

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