Apr 232017

Szenja  dies of a broken heart

Paula here.   Reading this story devastated me!

Imagine if you were in a same-sex relationship- call it bonding, call it friendship,  for 20 years.  Every day, you cherish being with that person and trust that person.  It’s called love.  Now imagine that some authority shipped off your mate!  This happened to two female polar bears who had played and loved one another in San Diego Seal World Wild Arctic exhibit.

It seems that being in a public exhibit for these two female polar bears is motivated by cash.  Szenja 21 and Snowflake 22 had never been apart.  They spent 20 years together until some money-grabbing and heartless person decided to separate them.  The motive was to get Snowflake to mate and the revenue rolls in – “Ah, what cute polar cubs.”  Most visitors will have no idea of the emotional cost these cubs cost two polar bear adults.

Szenja and Snowflake happy together

Shipping Snowflake from San Diego to Pittsburgh Zoo

I cannot image the anguish of these two when attempts were made to separate them.  My mind is travelling with Snowflake in a cage and travelling by road or air.  I can image the anguish of Szenja alone in the water – looking frantically around for her mate.

Dying of a Broken Heart

Happy together

Thousands of people had signed a petition to keep the two together. Tracy Remain, PETA – People for Ethical Treatment of Animals (executive vice president, told NBC: After losing her companion of 20 years when SeaWorld shipped Snowflake to the Pittsburgh Zoo in order to breed more miserable polar bears, Szenja did what anyone would do when they lose all hope, she gave up.”  Tracy continued, ” This should be a wake-up call to SeaWorld: Stop breeding and shipping animals around, close the animal exhibits, and retire the animals to sanctuaries.  “Until it does, this ship will keep sinking.” 

My final thoughts.  Now, my thoughts turn to Snowflake.  I hope she gives birth and can find love again in her cubs.  I hope this sends a strong message to zoos.  Animals bond and love.

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