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The bully who runs away to Cuba has been arrested!

The bully who runs away to Cuba has been arrested!


He goes by the name “Machete” and he is a thug and bully.  He operates in a gang and lures young gay men to apartments where they are violently beaten, humiliated and then recorded on video  He claims that he is hunting down pedophiles but this is not the case. Now, captured, Maxim Martsinkevich, the leader of the anti-LGBTI group Occupy Pedophilia, could now face a longer time in jail.  He is charged with robbery, hooliganism and causing property damage.  Added to this is the charge of ‘inciting hatred.’   This is ironic since the Russian state could easily be accused of the same crime.

In November of 2014, the “Machete”  sentenced to five years for hooliganism, but a Moscow City Court reduced the sentence to two years and 10 months.  It seems if you do the math, that “Machete” escaped and was captured in Cuba, that is unless his sentence was further reduced. Prior to this sentence, criminal “Machete” had completed a three and a half year prison sentence.
The Bully is Exposed on the Mediaimages

 Russia has a homophobic law in place.  Under the excuse of ‘protecting children’ gays are not allowed to assemble or have gay pride marches.  However, Russia is sensitive to world criticism and it likes to project the image that it is a free and democratic society.  A documentary film called “The Hunted: The War Against Gays in Russia”  *****caught the “Machete” in the act of violence and torture.  The film reported that many victims of the “Machete” committed suicide.

For years, the “Machete” used the Russian version of Facebook,, to lure unsuspecting young victims through personal ads. Once a teen showed up for the ‘date’, captured victims were bullied, tortured and humiliated while being recorded on video. Video recordings were then freely distributed online in order to out LGBTI teens to their respective schools, parents and friends. Many of the victims were driven to suicides, the rest deeply traumatized.

The Orthodox Church Got a Visit from Scott Lively

Scott Lively, the vile homophobe is awaiting trial in the USA on “Crimes Against Humanity.”  The action against Lively was taken by the LGBT community of Uganda.  But, Lively also went to Russia and he is on record as congratulating himself on his influence on the Orthodox Church that led to Putin’s homophobic bill.  This is a clip from the movie, “The Hunted…” This orthodox priest states “I just consider them spiritually and mentally ill.”


Media eyes are on Russia.  Hopefully, “Machete’s” arrest will send a message, but I wouldn’t hold my breath.


If you have a chance to rent or buy this video, it should be shown.  The money will go towards the director’s expenses.  If a film does well – others will be made.

Deeply disturbing, HBO’s “Hunted: The War Against Gays in Russia” documents elaborate harassment campaigns conducted by vigilante groups, with one member proudly calling his country “Hell for homosexuals.” Stoked by a mix of ignorance and religion, director Ben Steele’s film goes beyond Russia’s controversial anti-gay “propaganda” law to expose grass-roots violence creating a “climate of fear” toward which authorities appear at best indifferent. Homophobia obviously isn’t confined to Russia, but the extent of that hostility, and these efforts to harm and humiliate gays, are captured with unflinching candor.

Steele’s crew spent time with members of different anti-gay groups, gaining enough of their confidence to be allowed to film their activities. Some perform what amount to sting operations, seeking to lure gays online to what victims think are sexual encounters, only to physically and emotionally abuse them, then post the videos to out and humiliate them. Stunningly, the perpetrators are so proud of their efforts, they grant producers access to one of these assaults, before rethinking the idea and trying to block the cameras.

The brutality of these attacks is clear, but if that weren’t enough, a bomb threat is phoned in to a theater hosting a gay film festival, and the zealots talk openly about — and even distribute literature — encouraging gays to commit suicide. Moreover, such antipathy is endorsed by the Russian Orthodox Church, which condemns homosexuality.

Most gays interviewed, meanwhile, insist on anonymity, living closeted lives due to concerns about losing their jobs or having their children taken away if they’re exposed.

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