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Hateful Patriarch uses morality instead of love which is Christ-like.

Hateful Patriarch uses morality instead of love which is Christ-like.

Hateful homophobe Scott Lively - doesn't he look like the Patriarch?

Hateful homophobe Scott Lively – doesn’t he look like the Patriarch?






The Russian Orthodox Church says it will reconsider its relations with ‘churches and associations which trample upon the principles of traditional Christian morality’. This is simply ludicrous when history shows that this church supported the ruthless dictator Stalin and today supports Neo-Nazis.   The Neo-Nazis roam Russian streets beating up and killing LGBTI persons. Furthermore, one of  the Church’s  top members , Vitaly Milonov, introduced the recent anti-gay laws in the Russian Parliament.

He is the man with the glasses and blond hair – who shut down the kissing lesbians’ gay bar – when they protested his presence with a brave kiss.

Russian lesbian kiss in protest when they see blond hair -vile homophobe on the same plane

Russian lesbian kiss in protest when they see blond hair -vile homophobe Vitaly Milonov
on the same plane

Vitaly Milonov retaliated by shutting down the kissing lesbian’s gay bar in St. Petersburg.

 When Christian “Morality” Trumps Christian Love

The Russian Orthodox Church this week announced its decision to severe its ties with the main protestant churches of France and Scotland over the issue of same-sex unions.

The Moscow Patriarchate said ‘formal contacts’ with the two institutions were pointless after the Presbyterian Church of Scotland’s decision to ordain clergy who are in same-sex civil unions and the United Protestant Church of France’s move to allow clergy to bless same-sex marriages.

In a statement published on the Moscow Patriarchate’s official website, it said, ‘These decisions of the Protestant Churches of Scotland and France have deeply disappointed the Russian Orthodox Church as they seem incompatible with norms of Christian morality.’

‘We state with profound grief that today we have new divisions in the Christian world not only on theological problems, but also on the moral issues.

In 2003 the Moscow Patriarchate suspended ties with the US Episcopal Church after it consecrated its first openly gay bishop Gene Robinson. It did the same in 2005 when Sweden’s Lutheran Church sanctioned ceremonies for civil unions.

 Scott Lively’s Russian Visit

Rev. Scott Lively is a hateful homophobe on trial in the state of Massachusettes USA for crimes against humanity. Lively visited Uganda and gave lectures and we know that the parliament passed its hateful laws. Lively also visited Russia and he claims he was very influential in the passing of Russia’s homophobic laws. He was even interviewed by the Russian Patriarch on the Russian Orthodox’s religious channel.   Hate travels in the name of Christianity in Lively’s case.


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Stalin was a brutal Soviet dictator who purged any opposition – real – or imagined during his reign. (source: Wikipedia)

According to the declassified Soviet archives, during 1937 and 1938, Stalin’s regime detained 1,548,366 persons, of whom 681,692 were shot – an average of 1,000 executions a day (in comparison, the Tsarists executed 3,932 persons for political crimes from 1825 to 1910 – an average of less than 1 execution per week)

In the 1920s and 1930s, 2,000 writers, intellectuals, and artists were imprisoned and 1,500 died in prisons and concentration camps. After sunspot development research was judged un-Marxist, twenty-seven astronomers disappeared between 1936 and 1938.

And this does not include the deliberate famines that this dictator created that starved millions to a slow death.


Yes, we have morality and we sell it as a calendar

Yes, we have morality and we sell it as a calendar

The Russian Orthodox Church is under fire for publishing a calendar devoted to Soviet dictator Josef Stalin.

Pictures from the 2014 calendar have been making the rounds on the Internet, sparking a barrage of criticism and prompting a lively discussion on the Moscow Patriarchate’s troubled ties with Stalin.

The calendar, published by the printing house of the Trinity Lavra of St. Sergius Monastery in Moscow, presents photos and biographical information documenting Stalin’s evolution from a young seminary student in his native Georgia to the gray-haired Soviet leader.

The publishing house advertises the calendar on its website as a bestseller and “an excellent gift for veterans and history buffs.”

It sells for 200 rubles ($6) online and in bookshops. (ah, BLOOD MONEY)

Mikhail Babkin, a noted Russian historian specialized in Russian Orthodox Church studies, fuelled the controversy on January 8 by posting photos on LiveJournal.

“The link between the Moscow Patriarchy of the Russian Orthodox Church and Stalin,” he wrote, “remains close to sacred.”

His post has sparked a flurry of outraged comments.

“The Russian Orthodox Church has long turned into a business structure and churches into shops offering religious services,” wrote one reader. “Worshippers are only considered to be sources of wealth.”

“It’s shameful, a disgrace and an insult against all those who died” under Stalin’s rule, another one said.

Stalin had a complex relationship with the Orthodox Church.

He attended an Orthodox seminary in his youth but was expelled for reasons that remain unclear.

As Soviet leader, he oversaw a vast campaign of persecution against the Russian Orthodox Church that saw countless churches being destroyed.

After World War II broke out, however, Stalin softened his stance and allowed the Church to operate, albeit under close state scrutiny.

Yes, the Russian Orthodox Church, Putin, Milonov and Lively,  are great examples of morality.

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