Jan 222016
"Thick as Thieves" and they have stolen human rights from LGBTI persons!

Thick as Thieves” and they have stolen human rights from LGBTI persons!  Put and the Patriarch of Russian Orthodox Church

A Russian court Monday (18 January) fined an LGBTI activist 100,000 rubles ($1,214.57; €1,137.48) for promoting ‘non-traditional sexual relations’ to minors.  His crime? A post on Maximum’s page on VKontakte, the Russian version of Facebook, deemed by a group of ‘experts’ as ‘propaganda’ for gay-sex.

This is what he wrote:  ‘Being gay means being a brave and confident person, with dignity and self-esteem,’

This was in response to the continual harassment of LGBTI groups and persons in cities and towns throughout Russia.

Sergei Alekseyenko is the former director of Maximum – a now-defunct group providing counseling and legal advice to victims of homophobia in the northwestern city of Murmansk

My Opinion

It doesnt matter what incredible actions/speeches Putin, the Doma and the Russian Judicial system does/makes – all will fade, because without human rights and equality for all Russians – the repression of LGBTI persons will be a smelly stain on Russian history! Future Russian generations will write apologies for these actions, as has been done in connection with the 19th & 20th century Jewish persecutions by the Tsar, the State and,WITHOUT tinterference from the Russian Orthodox church!

Let’s Be Fair and Investigate

In my opinion, “Russia” cannot be reduced to a generalization. Putin, the Doma and the Russian Orthodox church certainly have incredible power to take away LGBTI rights. What is NOT clear is how many ordinary Russians are sickened by the abuse of its LGBTI citizens. In such a society, speaking one’s mind leads to imprisonment, fines or attacks from right-wing Facists. People don’t have a choice as to where they live – People in Russia don’t seem to have many choices. Russia is NOT a democracy!

Jews Persecuted in Past – Now, It’s LGBTI Persons!

Russia today, with its unequal treatment of LGBTI persons, has not learned from its history. . Some 150,000 Jews were killed in the pogroms of 1918-1922, 125,000 of them in Ukraine, 25,000 in Belarus These were probably the largest-scale European massacres of Jews to date.

It’s 2016, with the world looking on, Russia is not physically killing gays on such a massive scale, however, by denying its LGBTI citizens equal rights, it is killing their souls!

Can Individuals Do Anything?

It is a well-known marketing statistic that every letter or email written is understood to represent the opinion of at least one thousand persons.   I will personally email the Russian Embassy in Australia where I am house/pet sitting.  I will also cut and paste the same email and send it to Russian Embassies in Ireland, Great Britain, Canada and the USA.  A second email will go to the Russian tourist department that is mostly attached to these Embassies or Consuls.  I will explain, without going into my own sexual orientation, that my family and friends will not visit a country that is homophobic and denies its citizens basic equality in human rights.   Please consider doing the same.

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P.S.  If you have extra time on your hands, please email the Russian Orthodox church that is nearest to where you live.  Putin and the Patriarch (head bishop) are evil in their denial of human  rights and both claim to be “Christian!”

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