Aug 312016

Unknown-3Unknown-18Rumour has it that he is willing to lose to Hilary Clinton.  Why?  Donald is now 70 and it is rumoured by a spiritual guru interpreted a continuing dream.  Donald is woken by Malania screaming that they must get their son, Barron, out of the Trump Tower.   The problem is that he fire has spread and all the elevators are shut down.   Night workers are rushing down to safety.   Donald falls and watches as Malania drags UnknownBarron to safety.  In his dream, everyone has abandoned him.   He is alone with a burning Trump tower around him.

A born child of about 10 walks towards Trump.     You will die, Mr. Trump.   What do you what to be remembered as….a tycoon those bankrupt companies left small business people without payment – – or could you make a different to people whose name you will never know?

The boy sat down beside Trump.   “I offer you a way out!”

“Of the building?”

“No sir.  A Way out of Misery that Scrooge in a Christmas Carol experienced and the Miser who counted his money in Silas Marner.   You have no masses that consider you a just and generous man, who took millions from his father, built million to a billion or so more, but never passed it on to the sons and daughters who are struggling in the word.

“I like to see my name – it Encourage others to ‘make it big.’

If you placed your name on schools and offered scholarships in the Trump name, vast number of people would remember you.   Put your name on a hospital and smile as nurses sent you photos of kids that have survived because of your donations to natal care, etc.

“Look kid, I’m going to become President of the USA!”

The child looked into this eyes.  “Do something that will be so controversial that you will get more media attention that ever, ever, ever before.

“What’s that?” asked Trump.

“Refuse the Presidency or deliberately lose to Hilary.  Show the world how far bigots have come and that you acted as Hitler reincarnated to show that hatred could spread like the Nazi regime.

Trump smiled as his helicopter hoovered above the blazing building.

“Coming kid?”

The boy shook his head.  I will take my chances with humanity and its future.




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