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imagesPaula here:   Let’s forget about putting labels on people, but I think sometimes a label is useful for clarifying a situation for readers, and then bringing clear facts to the situation.  Here’s an example.

Generally, for women – we could state that for reasons of sexuality there are straight women, bi-sexuals, lesbians and transgender – and ‘fluid’ (the ability to be whatever you wish to present to yourself and the public).  The latter is being examined as is celibacy for women and more boxes or categories.  Ruby Rose is a beautiful woman to look at, but she likes to express a larger idea of who she is – and how she can change on the continuum or scale of sexuality.   I hope I am expressing this clearly – I am learning as I go.

Ruby Rose

Unknown-4It is generally accepted by psychiatrists and psychologists that homosexuality cannot be reversed/changed and therefore is NOT a choice.  This is essential information for those parents/religious leaders and politicians that state it can be reversed.  The scientific community states how psychologically dangerous it is for a person to be FORCED to be who they know they are NOT!

“But, Ruby Rose has Made Me Gay!”


Some women have declared that watching Ruby Rose perform in films and as a singer has ‘turned them gay!”  There is no other information as to the number of women, or to what they define as “turning them gay!”  What to them is GAY?   Is it a fantasy?   Is it based on sex?   From my point of view as a lesbian, being gay is not only having sex with my gay wife, but being bonded to her.  While I enjoy men’s company, there is NO bonding with them, other than having them as good friends.   I do BOND with women, meaning that it is a soulful choice and we share living and thinking as women in a general sense.  I have always wanted to spend my life in a committed involvement with a woman.  I married Trish.

Ruby Responds:images-2

Ruby Rose has opened up on the trend for people to say they’ve been ‘turned gay’ by her.The gay, gender-fluid model and star of Orange Is The Black laughed off the idea that anyone can change their sexuality for anyone.

‘When people say to me that I turned them gay, I just laugh, because that’s not really even a possibility,’ she told Galore Magazine, noting how many girls have sent her flirty messages over Twitter.

‘I just think that, as human beings, we are drawn to what we can’t have,’ she added. ‘We are drawn to fantasy over reality, and often are in love with an idea of a situation rather than the reality of it. I think people like the idea of “turning gay for someone,” but it’s not actually that simple. Ultimately, that statement is just a form of endearment or a compliment, but it’s not real.’

Rose also worried about being the ‘it girl’.


‘The funny thing about being called an ‘It girl’ is, well, it’s the kiss of death,’ she said. ‘You know what I mean? It’s like being “in”. Anything that’s ‘in fashion’ ultimately goes out of fashion.’

She added: ‘It’s also not healthy to base your personal success or happiness on external things, like fame, attention, opinion, or money. The less you let that define you the better. Let your passion and work speak for you. As long as you are happy with it, that’s all that should matter.’

paula here again:  I totally agree with Ruby’s remarks.  It is important to know that there are people who fall in love WITH THE PERSON and the sexuality part is not as important  – at least this is what people I know have told me.  What I do know, is that the majority of people who do the Walk on Earth, know it is essential to LOVE and be LOVED.  It is essential to love one’s self and it is important to love one another.  We grow through experiences and not every relationship is the final one, but we learn.  Growth is so important to each individual and self-love is important for self-esteem and is the foundation to love others.   My final wish is that you – reading this blog – will experience unconditional love.  paula.

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