Jan 142013

As a Canadian, I don’t want to become involved in American politics.  But I watched the elections and Romney’s infamous speech about how some of the poor and not “pulling themselves up by their bootstraps!”

In Dennys, a fast food chain of restaurants through the U.S.A, I got into conversation with our waitress.  She told us that she had started early in the morning and added that she needed to work long hours.  I listened.  She went on to say that her pay as a waitress in Georgia was $2.13 per hour.   I asked her to repeat the amount.  Again, I heard $2.13 per hour.  She said that all waitresses depended on tips.

I think she worked six hourw.  If correct, her take home pay was                   $12 .78

Romney probably pays this amount for peanuts when he orders a drink in his exclusive club.




IN ROMNEY’S STATE OF UTAH, the minimum waitress wage is also $2.13!!!!!

In George Bush’s ‘great’ State of Texas, the same figures exist!

In US, the federal minimum wage for waitress (tipped) is just $2.13 (two dollars 13 cents).  In states like Wisconsin, Wyoming, New Mexico, New Jersey, etc, the minimum wage for waitress is just  $2.13 per hour. Because they are tipped employees, if no customers show up, they do not make any money.

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