Sep 112017

Here is an old woman using a Christian icon to deprive LGBTI fellow Romanian citizens of their basic rights.  She is in peasant attire.  Are we to think that she is uneducated?  Are we to think that older Romanians do not support their LGBTI children or extended family?  Some of the greatest upholders of human rights have been senior citizens.

Should Gay Marriage Be Put to a Vote?

I say “NO.”   Here are my reasons.  Let’s go back to the USA and the southern states.  The years are 1950-60s and black students are trying to enter a university to study.  White people with baseball bats and signs are saying “No to segregation.”  In cities and towns there are “non-white” sections of restaurants, cinemas and toilets.  If the southern states had voted for or against segregation – there would still be non-white sections and washrooms today.  It was the Federal Government of the USA that said there should be equality for all.

South Africa:  Nations boycotted South Africa for its segregation and denial of equal rights to blacks and Asians.  The Olympic Committee boycotted South Africa as did FIFA (world soccer).

Romanian citizens should not be voting on equal rights for minorities.  The Orthodox church keeps stating that the Scriptures state “One man – one woman” for marriage.  This is NOT the case.  Begin with Genesis and you will see that it is ONE man and MANY WIVES and sometimes wives and concubines.



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