Aug 082016

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Brazilian Women’s Soccer Team

Brazil legalized same-sex marriage in 2013. The Rio Games have had outbursts of homophobic chants particularly in some of the women’s soccer matches.   In my opinion, this kind of hurtful and immature behavior results from two areas: homophobia and machismo. The two are very closely linked – in fact they are one.


This is strongly imbedded in the Latin American culture. Men see themselves as sexual beings that dominate women. Men feel pride with being able to have sex with women other than their wives. The same standard does NOT apply to women. Men define their manhood by sex. Finding sex partners after marriage declares in their mind that they are still attractive and virile. Wives are the mother of children and it is their responsibility to raise the kids. Marriage is an outward sign of respectability and morality. The lovers provide variety, excitement and sexual pleasure.

Women’s Soccer

The skill level of women’s soccer is incredible. This is an affront to the machismo mind. Soccer/football is the passion of Latin America. The machismo mind has to deny women’s soccer skills and in their mind dismiss the skills as “lesbian skills.” To the machismo mind, these are NOT true women, but women infused with “male hormones” or they are half-man, half-women. Any insult will do. Yes, there are lesbians playing soccer, but there are also straight women, too.

Hateful and Discouraging

The hate is evident by the chanting of “bicha” the Portuguese term for ‘faggot.’ Not only is this insulting to lesbians, but its use is directed towards non-lesbians or bi-sexual women. The real test is directed towards young girls in Latin American countries and homophobic nations. Can girls develop tough skins and solidarity to fight this machismo. Not only should they fight it, but society needs to take legal action where possible.

Well Done – Rio Soccer Women

The world looks on and is able to see these incredible skills. The machismo name calling is shameful and gives Brazil a bad name. It is also an embarrassment to those Brazilians who are NOT homophobic. Be strong women – EVERYWHERE.

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