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Baby named “Wave” abandoned
after tsunami

How do you describe an individual without adding labels to him or her? But, Ricky’s labels are wonderful.

Ricky Martin, for example, is a famous singer, gay man, lover and partner, father of twins, UNICEF Good Will Ambassador – and – more, he is a good human being who is making a difference.  He has saved many female girls from sex trafficking and brothels.

Early Background:  Ricky grew up in Puerto Rico, and an early love of God, saw him as an altar boy at Mass.  Ricky at the age of 12 was in a band.  With his good looks, great voice and dance moves, Ricky was driving teen girls wild.  Yet, at that tender age, he knew he was gay.  What made Ricky come out?  He was fiercely pressurized by Barbara Walters on a U.S.A television interview to address the issue of gay rumours, but he refused.  Ricky told Oprah that it was his twins (Valentino and Matteo) that influenced his decision to go public.   He felt that if he did not declare his sexual orientation, he would be teaching them to lie.  He did not want his family to be based on lies.  In March, 2009 Ricky announced ‘who he really is’ on his site.

RICKY:  A Mission in Thailand and India.

Our destiny can come through meeting people, having unique experiences, or visiting a country.  Ricky accepted a gig in 2004 to perform “La Vida Loca” his famous song at a private wedding in Jaipur, India.

In 2006, Thailand suffered from the terrible aftermath of the tsunami.  Ricky travelled with a team to assist in the humanitarian efforts and to help ensure that human traffickers would not take advantage of the situation.  While in Thailand, Ricky met a baby nicknamed “Baby Wave.”  He as found abandoned in a park with a short note pinned to his blanket, “Please adopt this baby, I cannot afford to take care of him.”   His parents could not be found and were presumed missing.

In his book, “Me” Ricky wrote that he wanted to adopt him.  At this moment, Ricky realized that he wanted to be a father.  Ricky used a surrogate mother and used his own sperm; the result two beautiful twins.Ricky from his experiences in Thailand of the sex trade amongst children, took at look at the dark trade in India, too.


This is a documentary
that does not involve
Ricky directly

India is a diverse and beautiful country.  There are very rich people and people in abject poverty, and in between the middle class of educated people.   It was in India that the subject of children bought and sold into the sex trade that made a deep and lasting impact on Ricky.  Many children are bought from their parents in Nepal and various states in India.  These parents are in dire need of money to live. Ricky visited the brothels of both countries with a television camera and was able to put pressure on local officials as well as bringing world attention to the plight of children worldwide.images-19

UNICEF:  Ricky as a Goodwill Ambassador
On December 2003, Ricky Martin was appointed a UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador. In his role as UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador, Ricky Martin has supported UNICEF’s efforts in fighting for children’s rights, especially in the area of child trafficking.

 Martin made an appeal to the United Nations in October 2004 for international help to fight sex tourism as part of an international panel of philanthropists dedicated to the education and prevention of child trafficking.

The Ricky Martin Foundation:  Ricky has partnered with Habitat for Humanity to build 224 homes in Thailand in response to the Asian tsunami in Dec. 2004. Martin personally assisted in the building of the home and has said that handing over the keys to the homeowners was one of the most enriching moments of his life. In 2010, after the devastating earthquakes in Haiti, Martin traveled to Port-au-Prince with Habitat for Humanity International’s CEO Jonathan Reckford to visit one of the earthquake-ravaged neighborhoods in the capital city. They announced the creation of the RMF/Recovery Fund, as a long-term solution, to construct homes to protect children and families in Haiti. After the Chilean earthquake, Martin teamed with HFH to also rebuild hope in the ravaged communities. Both organizations are encouraging supporters to visit

We thank Ricky for being the wonderful person that he is, and we wish him and his family all the joys, health and happiness to come.


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