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Michael, R.I.P

Rick and Kay Warren from the Saddleback Church in California were interviewed by Piers Morgan on September 20, 2013.  The Warrens who founded the Church are known to use the Bible to condemn – not the person,  but the sin of homosexuality.  As a lesbian, I was very moved by the Warrens as they struggled with great pain to deal with the suicide of their son, Michael.  They made it clear that Michael was NOT gay, and if he was, they would love him as a son.   However, there is another side to Rick Warren and it is a side that I dislike because, in my opinion, his condemnation of homosexuality, can do such damage when it comes from the mouth of a preacher who states that he loves God.  I believe Rick loves God; but it is NOT the God of unconditional love that I know.  The Warrens were being interviewed and their purpose was noble to give hope to people who face tragedies similar to their own.  The Warrens truly knew the loss of a child.  It is a world-wide sorrow.  Now, I would like to take you to Uganda about two years ago.

Rick founded the Saddleback Church, but gays are only welcome if they change.  Psychiatrists world-wide state that homosexuality is NOT  a) a disease   b) a mental illness or c) a perversion (as some Christians would like you to believe).  They also state that homosexuality cannot be changed, so Rick is asking the impossible of gays.  He may state that “everything is possible with God” but God made us how we are, and I’m proud of it.


David Kato’s crime? He was born gay.
Lowered into the earth with “Christian” ministers spewed hatred beside the grave

Rick sets off to Uganda in the company of the infamous homosexual-hating Rev. Scott Lively.  Wherever Lively travels and preaches his hate, violence and deaths follows.  In fact Lively is presently being charged in a Massachusetts Court with “Crimes Against Humanity” by Uganda LGBT persons.  Rick seems to be have been spared Lively’s fate.  However, Rick is a personal friend of the President of Uganda’s wife.  Together, Rick Warren and Scott Lively gave workshops for Ugandan government employees: police, politicians, teachers, social workers, and local churches (that are sponsored by American Evangelicals).  Here is the fallout of such Christian preaching of which Warren was a part.

No sooner had Rick Warren and Scott Lively departed Uganda for the USA, when a politician introduced “Kill the Gays Bill.”  The idea was that homosexuals caught in sexual acts would be hanged.  The domino effect followed when a Uganda newspaper, “The Rolling Stone” used the title of the Bill, “Kill the Gays” as its main headline.  It also published pictures and names of suspected gays, amongst them was a gay activist named David Koto.   Weeks later, David Koto was murdered in broad daylight in his home.  The murderers used hammers.  The police ruled out theft as nothing was taken.  It was a hate crime.

Now, here is the sorrow that is shared by Rick and Kay Warren and the Koto family in Uganda.  Both families buried a son; both families cried and mourned the beautiful gift that had been given to them.  But, here is the DIFFERENCE.   In the television interview with Piers Morgan, Rick and Kate spoke of the warmth and love and generosity of his parishioners.  The Warrens were supported by LOVE.    Let us go to the burial of David Koto in Uganda.   This is what is tragic and so unbelievable.  As David’s body was lowered into the ground, “Christian Pastors and church members” chanted verses and shouted insults of hatred towards the Koto family.  This slain son, who was murdered from hatred, whose only crime was being born a gay man, was insulted by Christian scriptures and vicious shouts of hatred.   It is a known fact that Evangelical American missionaries support not only Uganda’s fundamentalist churches but throughout the world.

How can preachers say they love God and yet they judge others.  Such judging often triggers violence and death to the victims, hence, Scott Lively is facing a USA court charged with Crimes Against Humanity.

The Warrens spoke of the brokenness of their son who suffered from mental illness; but what they fail to acknowledge is that the Uganda trip led to enforced ‘brokenness’ of gays.  Their message generated hatred and not love.  They have to be responsible and ask, “Would Jesus have done what we did?”  or “Would Jesus tell the Parable of the Good Samaritan” and placed the most unloved (not the Samaritans) but the present unloved – homosexuals as the hero of His Parable.

Warren will be judged by God.  Meanwhile, but he shares the pain with a Ugandan family whose gay son was murdered.

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