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Kitty took out the newspaper article.  “Now we’ve all read it, ladies, so let’s discuss it.”

Maggie Dempsey was the first to have a go at tying to understand Rhea’s article.


“It say here that the article is sat-ric-al, sat-rit-cal, I think..?”

“That’s satirical.” Interrupted Kitty, “It means that you don’t read into it, too much.”

“Right,” said Maggie.  “She did a Dean Swift thing.  He wrote ‘Gulliver’s Travels, so I can see where you don’t believe a man would end up in the land of Giant. That’s satirical isn’t it?”



“She’s on about homosexuals, and not giants!” For God sake, don’t go off in all directions, Maggie,” sighed Kitty.


Patsy shook her head, “Homosexuality is against the very Laws of God.”

“And did He tell you that personally.” Added Kitty.

“The priests at Mass….” began Patsy, only to be interrupted by a

man at the next table.


“If ye ask me, I think the Church should look after the poor,and spend more time chasing down child- molesting priests.”

Patsy turned on him.
“Attack the Church now, but you’ll be calling for a priest on your death bed!”

“For crying out loud,” said an exhausted Kitty, “Can we solve the article thing?”  She took a long gulp of Guinness and wiped her mouth.

“As I was saying, Rhea wrote like Dean Swift to help people.  Yer see, Dean Swift wrote about the English and how they looked down on the Irish poor.  He was after all, a minister….


“Not so fast, Kitty,” butted in Patsy. “Let us be clear, he was a Protestant Ministerand that’s not the same thing.”

“What’s not the same thing?

“He was Protestant and we hated the Protestants back then. I saw a picture of him in me son’s book. That Protestant was real queer looking if you ask me!”Unknown


“Jaysus, Patsy.   Wasn’t he trying to make things better for the Catholics.  We Catholics was poor, dirt poor, and we was having the babies and then, well we couldn’t feed them, so we got poorer.”

“And I thought I was long winded,” broke in Patsy.  “The point is, Swift suggested that we Catholics eat our babies.  Now, that makes him a Protestant.  A Catholic Priest would not have said THAT!”

Maggie looked at the two red faces.  “Now, ladies.  I knows a bit, so I’ll have me say.


Patsy, has some of the story right.  But, Swift was poking fun at the English. He wrote something that said to the English, if you think Ireland has a problem with poverty, then how about the Irish eat their children.  They wouldn’t be hungry any more and with less kids, they’d be less poor.  I think that’s how it goes.”

“Exactly me point!” laughed Kitty.  “Now, Rhea is writing like that.  She says, look here everybody, the Church is against homosexuals, so we’ll just kill the gay babies at birth?”

Patsy thumped her first on the table.

“This is Catholic Ireland, nobody should be drowing anyone, not even cats. And, Kitty, my Miss-Know-it-All, tell me how do you know a baby is homosexual at birth?”

A second man turned around.

“The Vatican should get out of the bedrooms of the world.  They’re bloody obsessed with sex.”


“Mind your own damn business,” yelled Patsy. “We women don’t need a man to tell us how to think.”

“Really?”  The man laughed, “then why does you women follow every word that a priest says.  You should think for yerselves.”

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