Feb 102013

“This ones on me,” said Kitty, “but your story had better be worth the telling.”Untitled

Maggie emptied a large amount of the yeast and wiped her mouth.

“Thanks, Kitty.  I had one devil of a thirst on me!”

“Well,” said Kitty as Maggie was going to take another sup.

Maggie’s eyes widened and she grinned.

“Rhea got the boot, just as I predicted.”

Kitty blew acloud of smoke.stylish-old-lady“Moses couldn’t part the sea of hatred in that house.  The father’s a right auld prick. I think Rhea has a right to chose a woman if she wants. What do ya say to that, Patsy Riley?”

Kitty turned to her rival Patsy.  The five women had gone to school together.  Even back then, Kitty and Patsy had been rivals.  They had scrapped in the schoolyard and it continued as they entered into middle age.


“Kitty, I’m not saying you’re wrong, but here’s me point.  I think parents have a right to discipline their kids.  My hubby tells our kids, we pay the rent so we make the rules! And what was Rhea thinking?  She knew her article would be read all over Ireland.”

Kitty responded to her rival.  “So what?  It’s a free country.  She wrote her mind.”

Maggie Dempsey jumped right in.


“Kitty, she had to know it would up set the parents.  They are died-in the-wool Catholics. and against them homosexuals.”

“That right,” said Patsy.  “The Church says homosexuals are unnatural.”


Kitty snarled, “We’re in the European Union.  Ireland has to obey the Europeans and their laws of equality. Ireland’s behind them on this matter.  And sure,  don’t we fly the EU flag along with our own one. That’s unity for you. Patsy, it’s a no brainer.”


Patsy took up the challenge.

“Now, I’m not for getting into a fight, but remember Kitty I was better at the Science then you was, and I just read that homosexuals are against the Laws of Nature, and the Church backs me up on the matter! We have to obey Church laws.

Kitty smiled.

“Come on, Patsy, sure you and Paddy broke the premarital laws of the Church.  We all kept that one secret.  There was no harm in it, but I’m reminding you that it is not just Rhea that is breaking Church laws, we all have done it.”

Patsy hid her anger with a smile.


“Kitty Murphy, what Paddy and I did was natural in the eyes of God and the Church. We were just a little hasty, but we was engaged to be married.  Now, homosexualsare are out and out sinners. The priests say so at Mass.”

Kitty sighed, ‘Sure aren’t we all sinners, straights, homosexuals and those bi-sexual ones.”

The women nodded, took a sip of their drinks, and pondered for a second or two what might be their greatest sins.



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