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Next door to the Connolly’s, Maggie Dempsey was gathering information to take down to the pub.  Most of the women on the neighboring streets had family members who worked alongside James Connolly or knew him by reputation.  He was known as a “pain-in-the-ass,’ and a “lost cause.’  But, James Connolly made for great gossip.


Dempsey had her ‘ear to the wall,’ and there had been lots of fights recently behind the Connolly walls. For the past two weeks, Maggie’s garden had received an extraordinary amount of extra care. Her roses had been over-watered and her lawn mowed to bare soil.  Now, the parking of a white van and James Connolly’s booming voice, had sent her rushing out to clip her hedge.  Rhea and some woman was moving things. And who was the woman?

”How are ya, Rhea? How far would yer be takin’ them boxes ?

“Not far, Mrs. D.”

“And where would yer be livin’ now?”

“In the city?”

“Where in the city?”

“In the Mansion House.”

“But, Rhea, the Mayor lives there.”

“I’m taking his job, Mrs. D.”

“Ah, you’re a secretive one, Rhea.  And whose the woman yer with?”

“A friend.”

Rhea and Hilary loaded the  last box into the van.  Mrs. D was still standing beside them.

“Seriously Rhea, tell us where you’ll be livin’?”

“Can’t do that Mrs. Dempsey.  If I told you, I’d have to kill you?”


Hilary joined in.  “If I tell you, will you promise not to tell a soul?”

Mrs. Dempsey nodded her head enthusiastically.

“It’s Special Branch business.  Irish James Bond kinda stuff.”

Mrs. D was annoyed.  She put her hands on her hip and lit another cigarette.

“Well, keep your secrets, Rhea. I’m really not interested in people’s lives.  I’ve got enough

troubles of my own.”

Half an hour later, the white van sped off, and Maggie Dempsey dashed off to the local boozer.


She shoved her way through the Lazy Rooster’s patrons.  Her female friends sat around a table with several glasses empty.  They eagerly awaited Maggie Dempsey.

Kitty, a large and tough looking woman eased a frothy Guinness in Maggie’s direction.





End of Blog 2

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