Aug 152013

These are the happy faces that your pets will see daily as we take them for a walk (well, maybe not the fish).

New Years Eve

Paula of this website (on left) and Trish, my happy and loving wife.
This was taken on News Years Eve in Sydney, Australia 2012


We are two recently retired teachers who travel regularly.   This year, we have decided to house sit.    The idea of being able to get to

know a community in more detail appeals greatly to us.  Trish, my partner and wife of fifteen years, went on a teacher exchange to Australia, and because we made such great friends, we went back again for a five month sleep-in-a-van trip.  It was great!  What we enjoyed most was visiting small communities and getting to know the locals and their history.  So, it was natural that we would want to move on to house-sit.

We love to encounter new cultures and we have travelled extensively in Europe, Asia and North America.


What can two active and healthy retirees offer?  windy_feat We are both dog, cat and bird lovers.   We had two wonderful cats( that were sisters) and they lived to eighteen and twenty years of age.  We have both had dogs and love them, too.   I have had budgies and one African Grey parrot.   I am a horse lover, but to be honest, I do not know how to personally manage a horse (but, if you have one and can

trust me with it I’ll learn what I have to do!)mime-attachment-3th-18


We both come with the highest references which include our annual police references that we had to obtain when we were teachers.

Our references will speak to our honesty and a spirituality that respects all humans on this planet.  We will treat your home as if it were

our own.  We can give you Canadian and Australian references. th-5We welcome hearing from you.  City or country life is equally appealing.

Travel with peace of mind for your home and animals, knowing that we are loving your pets, and taking care of your home.   We exercise the greatest discretion when travelling as lesbians.  If you would prefer us not to identify ourselves as lesbians, we will happily comply.  This is done as a gesture of respect to you and your community or country.


Contact me on this site or at



p.s. Please pass this on to any of your friends that are thinking of traveling.  Thanks.


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