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MH Weibe from Alberta, Canada

MH Weibe from Alberta, Canada

An Alberta Canada “Christian” mom went to You Tube to rap a hateful response to her province providing at least one self-contained bathroom where transgendered school kids could use according to their sense and knowledge of their gender.    I have written this response rap in the same – non-lyrical badly written rap so as not to embarrass this mom.   She has ignorantly stated that animals have it “right” because they have opposite sex partners – not true.  I have listed a site for medical/scientific verification.


This Christian Mom
Needs Ed-u-ca-tion
About Alberta’s
Inside a locked bathroom
No one can see
The genitals a child uses
to go pee pee.

It is really like just like
at your house
mom goes pee
and then her spouse
daughter flushes
all is clean
No one can guess
which gender has been

1500 species are same sex

Now, that- can’t be found in your biblical text
What can be found is love one another
Every child born
is your sister and brother
1500 species can be found on this medical/scientific site.…/1500-animal-species…

Silo, Roy (male penguins) raise Tango

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